World Cup 2018 Sweepstake - Results!

Thank you to everyone who entered our sweepstake for the World Cup. There were 320 of you that put your names down meaning 10 people per team! We decided to give away prizes for 3 separate teams; the winners, the first to go out on penalties, and the "worst" team. If your team landed a prize then all 10 of you who had that team will each receive the same prize.

Without further ado...

1st Prize - £20 Amazon Voucher
& Team Profit T-Shirt
2nd Prize - £10 Amazon Voucher 3rd Prize - £5 Amazon Voucher
World Cup winner:
France  France on Google Android 8.1
First out on penalties:
Spain  Spain on Google Android 8.1
Worst performing team:
Panama Panama on Google Android 8.1
Adam Deexan António Simões Adam Nixon
Angie Gee Bev Crook Alison Johnston
Dave Jolles Craig Stewart Chris Harrison
Demi McCollum Dani Cosgrove Chris Harvey
Joe Hoare David Herrett Ian Hinckley
Lee Dickinson Gemma Littley Jordan Nuttall
Mark Poole Jon Elliott Kim Crossley
Michelle Hinson Oliver Robertson Nathan Ward
Philip Cooper Richard Martinez Oliver Stapel
Robin Sullivan Scott McLeod Thelma Pickard

Congratulations to all winners - Please check your email email inboxes as it will have instructions on how to claim your prize!

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