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William Hill Golden Goal

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William Hill have a great offer on selected football matches whereby they pay out your bet as a winner if you team goes 1-0 up. They will only pay out a maximum of £50 winnings, plus your stake which you bet to get those winnings. For example, if you bet £25 at odds of 3.0, that would be a total return of £75. £25 is your stake, and £50 is winnings, so the full £75 would be paid out. If you were to bet £50 at 3.0, then you would only be paid out £75 still (£25 stake and £50 winnings), and the remaining £25 stake wouldn't be paid out.

The offer is only available on selected matches which can range from one a week to three a week.

  • To find out which matches are eligible, visit this page

Key Terms
  • Min odds: No Min Odds

  • Min stake: None (see strategy for stake calculation)

  • Markets: Only Match Betting (you must bet on one of the two teams to win)

  • Selected matches only

The Strategy

The strategy for this offer is very simple. Back and lay one of the teams in the match to win, and then hope they score a goal. Once they've scored the goal, you can either a) lock in profit, or b) let it ride. There are no ways to lock in profit pre-match unfortunately though!

The maximum bet for this offer will vary, as the most William Hill will pay out as winnings is £50. The best thing about this offer is that they will also pay out your stake you used to get the £50 in winnings. For this reason, it's best to choose the team with the lowest odds because it means you will have had to stake more to win £50, and so your potential pay out will be a lot more as the stake and £50 is included.

Step 1 Find A Match

Open up the specific match on William Hill and your exchange and choose the team with either the closest odds, or the lowest odds. As mentioned above, the best strategy is to go for the favourite (lowest odds) as the potential payout is bigger, however if both teams are around the same odds then just go for the one which is the closest match & smallest qualifying loss.

  • I normally go for the team with the lowest odds.

Step 2 How To Work Out Your Stake

To work out what your max stake is, calculate 50 ÷ (back odds -1). For example if your back odds for Man Utd to win were 3.0, your stake would be 50 ÷ (3 -1) = 50 ÷ 2 = £25.

  • The max winnings for the early payout are £50, therefore you need to work out what to bet to "win" £50.

Step 3 Place Your Back And Lay Bets

Stake the required amount on your selection.

Step 4 The Outcome

If your team goes 1-0 up but do not win the match, you will be paid out £50 plus your stake as cash. Anything you staked over the "max stake" amount to receive the £50 will not be paid out, and will be settled as a loss.

Locking In

If your team goes 1-0 up then it is possible to lock in some profit. It's very easy to do this using the early payout calculator and the strategy is exactly the same as Bet365's 2up promotion (if you're familiar with that).

Additional Tips
  • Choose the team with the lowest odds if possible.

  • Locking in will be similar long term value, however lower variance.

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