Refunds Explained

Refund offers are very similar to Bet X Get Y offers.

You place your first bet and if it loses then you receive a free bet of the same amount. Hence it is called a 'refund' welcome offer.

So the only difference is that with Bet X Get Y offers, you receive a free bet if it wins too.

These offers are still well worth completing.

Ease To Complete

These are identical to Bet X Get Y offers in terms of being quick and profitable.

We highly recommend once you have completed Bet X Get Y offers you move to these offers to continue building up your bankroll to over £300.

How We Profit Risk Free

With Bet X Get Y offers we chose a trigger bet with low odds.

Now we choose a trigger bet with high odds. This is to maximise the chances of trigger bet losing and so we receive the free bet.

To make this offer completely risk free please check out the 'Guaranteed Profit Method'.

Enjoy the easy money and any questions ask us on Live Help!