£15 Profit

Hey Team! This offer is back running again hurray!

Heart Bingo is a dedicated bingo website and offer a generous Welcome Offer and Refer A Friend promotion. Simply follow this guide and you will make £15 profit risk free!

£15 Profit Offer Summary

To complete this offer, you only need to deposit £10 into Heart Bingo. You will receive £40 bonus, for a total balance of £50.

All you then need to do is:

  • Wager £20 on Bingo on your first day
  • Wager £5 on Bingo on any two days of your next six days

Wagering is very easy using their 'advanced buy' tickets as shown below.

Although you are wagering £30 on Bingo, remember you are only depositing £10 of your own money (and receiving a £40 bonus). Even if you lose all £30 (plus the remaining £20 as covered at the end of this guide) without winning a penny, you will still make a £15 profit risk free, as you receive £25 cash as mentioned below.

You will then receive:

  • £10 cash - from me to your Paypal (I will split the £20 refer a friend cash with you)
  • £5 cash + £10 cash  - from Heart Bingo on your 7th day

So overall, you will have made 1 x £10 deposit and received £25 cash in return.

Step 1: Sign Up To Heart Bingo Using This Link

Click on this link:


By clicking this link, you should see 'dansandaman' in the Referrer Screen Name within the registration form.

Step 2: Deposit £10

Deposit £10 into your Heart Bingo account using a bank card or Paypal. You will then receive a £40 bonus, for a total balance of £50.

Step 3: Wager £20 on Bingo

This is very simple to do. Just click 'Play Bingo' along the top menu:


This will open in the Heart Bingo lobby. Then select a Bingo Room which has 10p tickets with a maximum of 60 tickets. This means your total spend per Bingo game will be £6. Click 'Play':


Then click 'Buy Tickets'. This will present you with the below screen:



1 - Advance Buy
2 to 4 - Max tickets, this will buy you £6 worth of tickets (60 x 10p) in the next 3 games
5 - 20 tickets for the fourth game, this will buy you £2 worth of tickets (20 x 10p) for fourth game
6 - Select then click 'Buy Now' (which will show straight after you click Select)

You now have bought £20 worth of bingo tickets. This games will play out in the next 20 minutes as each game starts every 5 minutes.

Step 4 (£10 Cash): Email With Your Paypal Address 

Please send an email to [email protected] with your Paypal address.

I will verify you have signed up and wagering and send £10 to Paypal within 24 hours. If you do not use Paypal, please send either a Skrill email address, or your name, bank account number and sort code.

Step 5 (£5 Cash): Wager £5 x 2 on Bingo

On any two days of your next six days, simply wager £5.

You can buy 50 x 10p tickets in the same process as per Step 3 above.

You will then receive £5 cash on your 7th day. You will see confirmation of this once you have achieved this on the right hand side of the 'Home' tab:


Step 6 (£10 Cash): Email Offer

On your 7th day, you will receive an email with a Deposit Match, offering you £10 cash if you deposit £10.

Simply deposit £10 and you will then receive £10 cash instantly added your account. You can then withdraw both your £10 deposit and the £10 they have added. This is the email:


FAQ: Using Up Your Bonus Balance

You will have wagered £30 in total on Bingo, from your initial £50 balance (£10 deposit + £40 bonus). If you have not win in the Bingo games, this will leave you with £20.

In total your bonus comes with 4x wagering (£160) on bingo  so you have a remaining £130 to wager before you can withdraw you bonus. Simply hope that once you've wagered £130 you have winnings to withdraw 🙂 Note you can complete the wagering on slots, but this is 40x wagering requirement, so you'd need to wager effectively £1,300 on slots to complete the wagering.


Congratulations - £15 Profit Risk Free!

Easy money!

From your initial £10 deposit, you have received £10 on Paypal and £5 + £10 from Heart Bingo. Plus if you got lucky with a Bingo or Slots win, you may have made even more!

Mark the offer as complete and lets get cracking with the next offer.