Up to £500 Money Back

Football Index is not a bookmaker, instead they run a platform where you can buy and sell football players.

If your player receive a lot of media coverage or plays well then their price goes up (you make a profit) and vice versa if they had a bad game their price goes down (you may a loss).

Their welcome offer is a up to £500 money back for 7 days and you can make up to £100 profit from this offer. 

There is a chance you will simply break-even from this offer (as I did when completing it in September 2017).

However, I think you could make up to 20% of your deposit as profit. For example, if you deposit £100, you could make £20 cash profit for only 15 minutes work.

So the Football Index offer is well worth it as a shot for some profit!

Up To £500 Money Back Summary

  • Deposit: £50 to £500
  • If you make a profit: Withdraw your profit as cash
  • If you make a loss: Email Football Index within 7 days and your loss is back added as cash, up to £500.
  • Profit: £0 to £100
  • Full terms: Click here (scroll to the bottom of the page)
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The advantage of a big deposit is that if your player(s) rise in price, you will make a larger potential profit.

Do not deposit more than £500. This is because any deposit above £500 is not covered by their £500 Money Back Welcome Offer.

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Step 1: Choose Your Players

How Many Players To Choose?

You can choose any number of players to buy. I think the fewer the better!

The reason for this is each players 'sell' price is 2% to 3% lower than their buy price.

So you need your player(s) to increase in price by 3% or more in value in only 7 days in order to make a tidy profit.

It is therefore better to have all your funds in 1 or 2 players so that you can enjoy a big profit if either of your chosen of players rise up 5%+ in value!


Lionel Messi is worth £6.76 for 1 share.

If you deposited £100 initially, you could pay £94.64 for 14 shares (14 x £6.76).

If you went to sell Messi instantly, then you would only receive £6.58 for 1 share, for a total of 14 x £6.58 = £92.12.

This gives a £94.64 - £92.12 = £2.52 loss (which is 2.7% of our initial £94.64 purchase).

Therefore, we hope that Messi rises in price by at least 3% in the next 7 days so we start making a profit!

Which Players To Choose?

Your guess is as good as mine!

Even if you know a lot about football, it is hard to know which player may feature a lot in the press or have a great game over the next 7 days.

My only tip is to choose a player with a high buy price (£2.50 per share or higher) as this will help you use up your funds.

To explain why, you can buy a maximum of 100 shares per player whilst each player's share price varies between £0.80 to £7.

Therefore, if you chose a player with a share price of only £0.80, then your maximum buy is £80 (100 shares x £0.80). If you deposited the full £500 then you would need to buy shares in a larger number of players, rather than just 1 or 2 players.

Note you need to choose a player from the 'Top 200' tab.

Step 2: Utilise Your Full Deposit

Your deposit is included in the money back offer (up to £500) so it is best to use it all on 1 or 2 players to give you a chance of making a profit.

To buy shares in a player, simply click the blue buy button and then enter the number of shares to buy.


Continuing the above example, click the £6.76 blue box then enter 14 into the Shares box or alternatively keep clicking the + sign until your balance remaining is less than 1 share.

Step 3: Claim Your Refund On The 5th Day

This is very important!

If you have made a loss after 5 days, it is time to claim your refund.

You have up to 7 days, but I would recommend doing this on the 5th day, so in the chance you forget then you can still do it on your 6th day.

To do this:

1) Sell Your Players

Click on the pink sell button next to each player and sell your players.

2) Email Football Index

Email [email protected] asking for your refund.

I emailed them in the morning and received a reply within 2 hours and my balance was topped back up to my original deposit. The withdrawal took 2 days to reach my bank account.

Can I Really Make Up To £100 Profit From This?

Yes you can!

You just need to wait and see (hope!) that the 1 or 2 players you choose rise by 20%+ in price. A 20% rise in price definitely possible, meaning if you deposited £500, it is possible for your players to be worth £600 or more after 7 days.

Alternatively, if you deposited £100, then a £20+ profit is possible.


If you had bought 100 shares in Kevin De Bruyne for £250 (£2.50 per share) on the 13th September then you could have sold your 100 shares for £321 (£3.21 per share) on the 19th September.

This would give you a £71 profit from your £250 purchase.

You would still have another £250 in another player who could rise by a smaller amount to make you another £29 profit.

Got Questions?

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