Betting Exchanges Compared

Whilst completing the earlier Welcome Offers it is best to stick to one exchange (most likely PocketBet if you have started with them) as this means your exchange balance keeps growing, rather than spreading it too thinly across different exchanges.

However, you may have heard about other exchanges and may be wondering what is the difference between them. So in this guide, you will learn more about each of the exchanges.

Standard Commission Rates Compared

Low commission rates are very helpful to maximising matched betting profits.

For example, if you place a £1,000 worth of lay bets in a month, every 1% commission less means you save £5 in commission paid.

Given once you move on to Reload Offers you can make place up to £10k in lay bets every month this represents a very significant saving.

Additional Markets Compared

All of the exchanges have plenty of liquidity (the amount money being traded) on the main Match Outcome market, so you won't have any problem getting close lay odds on this market.

However, for some of the smaller markets, you'll need to use Matchbook.

Such smaller markets that are often used by matched betters typically for price boosts or free bets include:

  • Goalscorer markets (First, Anytime, To Score 2)

  • Correct score

  • Asian Handicap (used for price boosts 'to win by 2 or more')

Appearance Compared

PocketBet's layout is very clean and simple for beginners. You just need to select Lay Bets mode at the top of the page:

Then on each event page you'll only see the type of bets you're interested in (which are lay bets in this case):

The Matchbook layout is a bit more complicated and shows the back and the lay prices on the same page.

The back odds are blue (left hand side) and the lay odds are pink (right hand side). The faded out prices on either side can be ignored.

The £ amount underneath the odds is the amount of money available to lay.

Got Questions?

There are 3 easy ways to get help:

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[email protected] - We aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours

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