BetVictor Treble

As part of BetVictor's Bet £10 Get £60 offer, you receive a £10 free bet to use on an 'treble', which is one bet that has 3 different teams in it.

This is worth around £7 profit risk free so it's worth doing!

There is an easy and a trickier method for locking in a profit.

You can see the trickier method in this guide, in summary you choose 3 teams kicking off at different times, placing 3 separate lay bets.

Below is the easy method!

Step 1 - Find A Treble You Can Lay

This method is available usually on Fridays and Saturday mornings. Sometimes it is available on Mondays and Tuesdays too when there is midweek football.

This is possible because some bookmakers such as SkyBet and Betway run special odds on a treble involving 3 big Premier League teams.

For example:

In the above offer, SkyBet are running special odds (known as a 'price boost') of 7.0, rather than 5.0, on Tottenham, Everton and Leicester all to win.

The exchanges know that matched betting are looking to lay this to lock in a profit from this price boost, so they offer a lay market.

To find this lay market:

Betfair sometimes put lay markets for these trebles. To find it, please search 'acca' in the search box. If nothing shows, then there have not yet put up the lay market.

Smarkets put the lay markets for these trebles shortly after they are announced and you can find it here:

Smarkets trebles market

For example, here is the lay market for Tottenham, Everton and Leicester all to win:

This shows the lay odds are 5.8.

Step 2 - Place The Treble On BetVictor

You now can see above the lay odds for Everton, Tottenham and Leicester to all win is 5.8 lay odds.

So now we head to BetVictor and add these 3 teams to our betslip. You will then see the option to place a 'treble':

Enter 10 into the treble stake and here we can see the Returns is 51.55. This means the back odds of the treble is 5.15.

To place this bet, check the box for 'Use Bonus Funds' don't worry that it says N/A:

Step 3 - Place The Lay Bet On The Exchange

Continuing the example, your back odds are 5.15 and your lay odds are 5.8.

So we enter this into the calculator using Free Bet SNR and this shows us:

So we place a £7.18 lay stake (£34.46 liability) on the exchange and this will guarantee us a £7.04 profit risk free!

You can see in the profit breakdown where our profit will be:

If our treble wins - we win £41.50 on BetVictor but lose our £34.46 liability for a £7.04 net profit.

If our treble loses - we don't lose anything on BetVictor as it was a free bet but win our lay stake, which after commission is £7.04 profit.