BetVictor Acca

BetVictor Acca

As part of BetVictor's Bet £10 Get £40 offer, you receive a £10 free bet to use on an 'acca', which is one bet that has 5 different teams in it.

This is worth around £6.50 profit risk free though you will need up to £50 in your exchange to cover the liability!

To complete this offer, we:

  • choose 5 football teams all with low odds (below 1.5)

The reason for choosing low odds is to keep the liability low.

  • choose 5 teams with different kick off times (no matches overlap)

The reason for choosing different kick off times is so we can place a lay bet before each game kicks off. This is explained further in Step 3 below!

Step 1 - Choose Your 5 Teams

Option a) Manual

You can choose your 5 teams manually by looking down the list of Top Matches in the BetVictor list (click here for this market) and choose 5 teams with odds below 1.5 and with different kick off times (note the match must finish before the next match starts i.e. at least 2 hours difference).

For example, using the above screenshot, my first 2 teams would be:

  • Barcelona 1.5 (Wednesday 19th April 20:45 kick off)
  • Man Utd 1.22 (Thursday 20th April 21:05 kick off)

I would then continue to scroll down the list for teams with low odds on other days/time.

Option b) OddsMonkey Acca Finder

If you have an OddsMonkey Premium account (review) then they have a very helpful tool called the Acca Finder.

Simply open the Acca Finder (click here) and then select BetVictor from the 'All Acca Offers' dropdown.

In the above screenshot, we are choosing Paris St-G (as the away team with odds of 1.16), then Frankfurt (as the home team with odds of 1.8).

Note: Click the Orange 'Filter' button to select the exchange(s) you use!

Step 2 - Place Your 5 Team Acca On BetVictor

Head to BetVictor and click on the odds for your 5 teams to add them to the betslip:

Then enter 10 into the 5 fold box / accumulator box, check the 'bonus funds' box then place bet:

Step 3 - Lay Your 5 Team Acca 

We now lay our 5 team acca, one team at a time, before the kick off of each game.

We only need to continue to lay each team if our teams keep winning. This is because as soon as 1 team has lost, then our bookmaker free bet has lost. We have then made a profit from winning the lay stake (but we haven't lost any cash from the BetVictor free bet).

In order to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome, we use a clever, automatic calculation for the lay stake.

Option a) Manual

If you chose your teams manually, the easiest way is to use a simple Lay Multiple spreadsheet. A big thanks to Ultimatcher who built this free to use spreadsheet. Click the green button below to download the spreadsheet (to do this, once you have clicked on the green button, please then click the arrow on the top right ):

Lay Multiple Spreadsheet

To use this spreadsheet, enter:

  • Column H: Select your multiple type e.g. fivefold
  • Column D: Event (optional)
  • Column E: Outcome (optional)
  • Column F: Back odds and lay odds
  • Column G: Bookmaker and Exchange (optional)
  • Column H: Exchange commission %
  • Column J: Back stake

The spreadsheet will then automatically calculate:

  • Column J: Your lay stake
  • Column N: Your liability for each team
  • Column X: Your profit

Plus you can also see a profit breakdown based on the outcomes in lower right hand side, starting from cell R21. This will show around £6.50 profit risk free.

Option a) OddsMonkey Acca Finder

If you used the OddsMonkey Acca Finder in Step 1, then simply click 'Open' in the Acca Finder which will bring up this screen:

Firstly, click 'Lay Sequential Free Bet' along the bottom.

Then click 'Save' to ensure you have this acca saved.

Then, place the £7.07 lay stake for Paris St-Germain, this has a liability of £1.34.

If Paris St-Germain win, then click the green W. This will then show you the lay stake for the next match, and so on.

If Paris St-Germain lose, then you stop as you have made a £6.93 profit risk free!

This profit is shown in the 'EV' on the bottom right. To explain this, if Paris St-Germain lose, then you lose the £10 free bet (costs you nothing!) but win the £7.07 lay stake (less the 2% Smarkets commission, for a net profit of £6.93).

This same profit principle applies once your first team loses, in that your lay stake win will cover previous liabilities you have paid out, for a net profit of around £7 profit risk free!

If all the teams win, then your winnings on BetVictor will be £7 greater than the total liability you have paid out on your exchange.