Bet £5 Get £5

BetStars are sportsbook of PokerStars, the world's largest online poker site. Recent well known celebrity sponsorships include Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Bet £5 Get £5 Summary

  • Deposit Method: Bank Card (minimum deposit £10)
  • Trigger Bet: £5
  • Minimum Odds: 2.0
  • Free Bet: £5
  • Your Profit: £3 to £4
  • Full terms: Click here (Bottom of the page)

Sign Up To BetStars

Sign up to BetStars and deposit £10 to receive the Bet £5 Get £5 offer. Please note: you have to deposit £10 as that's their minimum deposit amount. If, upon completing the offer, both of your bets won in the exchange then you can save the £5 in there for a reload. If any of your bets won however, then you could withdraw the whole balance after finishing the offer.

Also sign up to Betfair (if you do not yet have a Betfair account) using the below links:

Sign Up To BetStars

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ps. Please use the Betfair link - find out why here.

video image= Video Guide Clip

  • Choose a popular league or cup on image

    You can use either the Selections blog post or the OddsMonkey OddsMatcher (guide):

    OddsMatcher - Betstars
  • Choose a team above the 2.0 minimum odds on BetStars. Preferably with odds below 2.5 to keep your liability image

    To view decimal odds rather than fractional odds, use the dropdown along the top menu:

    pokerstars decimal

  • Check the Betfair Exchange lay odds and choose the team with the closest lay bet odds to the bookmaker image

    Ideally the chosen team should have the lay bet odds within 10% of the bookmaker odds. For example, if your bookmaker odds are 2.0, aim for Betfair Exchange lay odds no higher than 2.2.

  • Enter your stake, back odds and lay odds into the Calculatorvideo image calculator

  • Place your £5 BetStars betvideo image

  • Place your Betfair Exchange lay bet using the lay amount from Step 2 in Backer's Stakevideo image

The £5 free bet is added within 48 hours of the trigger bet being placed.

We now repeat Steps 1 to 3 as we did in the trigger bet part with one change in each step:

  • Step 1: Choose a team with higher odds to make a larger profit:video image

    £5 Free Bet
    Back Odds
    Your Profit
    2.0 £5 £2.50
    3.0 £10 £3
    4.0 £15 £3
    5.0 £20 £3.50
    6.0 £25 £4

    To make this even easier and faster, I compile the best free bets available each day. Check out the blog for the most recent 'Trigger Bet and Free Bet: Weekly Selections' article.

  • Step 2: Select 'Free Bet SNR' in the Calculator as 'bet type'. Enter £5 in the Calculator for the image

  • Step 3: Use the free bet in the betslip. video image

Once the free bet has settled....

Congratulations - £4 Profit Risk Free!

Easy money! If your trigger bet or free bet won in BetStars, then withdraw these winnings.

Mark the offer as complete and lets get cracking with the next offer.