0% Commission

For each bookmaker Welcome Offer, you will need to place lay bets on a betting exchange.

Betfair Exchange is by far the most popular betting exchange in the UK. Betfair Exchange is simple to use and they will often have the best lay odds compared to the other exchanges.

Betfair Exchange offer 0% commission for your first 30 days, up to £500! So simply for every penny in commission you pay, you will receive this back, up to £500 commission!

Your 5% commission is refunded to you every Wednesday, based on your lay betting from the previous 7 days.

0% Commission Summary

  • 0% Commission Period: 30 days since registration
  • Commission Paid Back: Every Wednesday
  • Commission Saving: £20
  • Full terms: Click here (see bottom of page)

The commission saving of £20 is the approximate commission you would pay in your first 30 days from placing lay bets during the earlier Welcome Offers. This will simply be extra profit to the £100+ you'll be making from the Welcome Offers in your first month.

Sign Up To Betfair Exchange

Sign up to Betfair Exchange using the below link, this will automatically add in the promo code EXCCOF so you receive the 0% commission offer.

Click here to sign up to Betfair

(If the link doesn't open, disable your ad-blocker)

ps. Please use the Betfair link - find out why here.

Applying The 0% Commission To Your Lay Bets

If you are starting matched betting, to keep it as simple as possible, still enter 5% commission into the calculator. Treat the £ commission you receive every Wednesday as added profit!

Using Betfair Exchange

Signed up to Betfair Exchange? Great! If you're unsure about using Betfair Exchange, check out Team Profit Tom's video for tips on using Betfair Exchange:

Congratulations - Up to £20 Profit Risk Free!

Easy money!

Mark the offer as complete and lets get cracking with the next offer.