0% Commission

BetDaq were recently acquired by Ladbrokes and is one of the leading Betting Exchanges.

They have replaced their Bet £100 Get £25 offer with 30 days with 0% commission! This compares to their usual commission rate of 5%.

By using BetDaq for the first 30 days after you register, you will make some extra profit from bookmaker offers by laying on BetDaq, when their lay odds are the same as Smarkets or Betfair (where you would otherwise pay 2% or 5% commission).

0% Commission Summary

  • 0% Commission Period: 30 days since registration
  • Commission Paid Back: Paid back to you after the 30th day
  • Promo Code: DAQBACK
  • Profit: £20*
  • Full terms: Click here

*This is based on commission saving of approximately £20 during a 30 day period, which is realistic if you're completing the Bet365 offer. If you use Smarkets, this would be a saving of £6.

Sign Up To BetDaq

Sign up to BetDaq and enter promotion code DAQBACK.

Sign up to Betdaq

PS. Please make sure you use the Betdaq link - find out why here.

Applying The 0% Commission To Your Lay Bets

Anytime the OddsMonkey OddsMatcher shows rating with BetDaq that is equal or higher than the other exchanges, then it is worth using Betdaq to place your lay bet as you will receive the commission back.

Simply enter 0% commission into the calculator!

Note you will receive this commission saving after the 30th day since you register so expect to see a nice cash lump sum then!

Congratulations - Up to £15 Profit Risk Free!

Easy money!

Mark the offer as complete and lets get cracking with the next offer.