You will see in the Welcome Offers list that there are 25 Welcome Offers.

Each Bookmaker decides their own Welcome Offer, however they all fall into one of four types of Welcome Offer.

To assist you with the Welcome Offers, we have explained each of these types below.

We recommend completing all of the Type 1 offers, then moving on to Type 2, Type 3 and finally Type 4.

Note there are two key benefits to starting with a larger available funds:

  1. Multiple offers - You can complete multiple offers at the same time without needing to wait for withdrawals
  2. Higher Free Bet odds - The higher odds you choose with your free bets, the more profit you make. However, it requires a larger liability in Betfair. Therefore, a larger Betfair balance allows you to make more profit from your bookmaker free bets.
Bookmaker Offer (Clickable) Value
Ladbrokes Bet £50 Get £50 £40
Betfred Bet £10 Get £30 £24
PaddyPower Bet £10 Get £30 £24
Betway Bet £30 Get £30 £24
Coral Bet £5 Get £20 £16
William Hill Bet £10 Get £20 £16
SkyBet Bet £5 Get £20 £16
Stan James Bet £10 Get £20 £16
MarathonBet Bet £60 Get £20 £13
Titan Bet Bet £10 Get £10 £8
32 Red Bet £10 Get £10 £8
Offers: 11 Your Total: £207

Type 1: Bet £X Get £Y 

Ease To Complete

These are the quickest, often most profitable and require the lowest exchange liability of the Welcome Offers types. We highly recommend to start with these offers to build up your bankroll to over £200.


They are most common across the largest UK bookmakers, such as Paddy Power, William Hill, Coral, Ladbrokes and SkyBet.

How It Works

Simply sign up, make a deposit and Bet £X. In return for placing your first bet, the bookmaker gives you a Free Bet £Y. The bookmakers all vary in levels of generosity, from Bet £10 Get £10 (32 Red) up to Bet £50 Get £50 (Ladbrokes).

How We Profit Risk Free

When we place our first bet with the bookmaker, we lay off this bet in an exchange. If you are unfamiliar with this, refer to the Tutorial videos section. This is known as the 'Trigger' Bet as it triggers your Free Bet £Y. Now you have a Free Bet £Y, you simply place this bet and again lay this bet off in an exchange to guarantee profit regardless of the outcome.

Simple. Job Done. Money Made!

Bookmaker Offer (Clickable) Value
BetBright Bet £30 Get £30 £24
Dafabet Bet £30 Get £30 £24
SuperLenny Bet £25 Get £25 £20
ToteSport Bet £25 Get £25 £15
UniBet Bet £20 Get £20 £12
Genting Bet £10 Get £10 £6
888 Treble Odds £6
Offers: 6 Your Total: £78

Type 2: Bet £X Risk Free 

Ease To Complete

These are almost identical to Type 1 in terms of being quick,  profitable and requiring the lowest exchange liability of the Welcome Offers types. We highly recommend once you have completed Type 1 offers you move to these offers to continue building up your bankroll to over £300.


They are most common across slightly less well known bookmakers, but still highly reputable within the industry.

How It Works

These offers are very similar to Type 1. The only difference being that you once you place your Bet £X, you only receive a free bet if it loses hence it being a 'risk free' first bet. Whereas type 1 you receive a free bet if it wins too. This makes these offers slightly less profitable but still well worth completing.

How We Profit Risk Free

In type 1 above, we fully laid off our Bet £X to 'trigger' the Free Bet £Y.  However, here we do not receive the Free Bet £Y if our Bet £X wins. Therefore, we 'underlay' our Bet £X to still make a profit if Bet £X wins. This will mean if we make a small loss if Bet £X loses, however we receive a Free Bet £Y which will more than compensate us (which we fully lay off to guarantee a profit).

Onwards and upwards!


Bookmaker Offer (Clickable) Value
188 Bet 5 Bets Get £50 £37
Bwin 3 Bets Get £30 £26
Sporting Bet 10 Bets Get £50 £24
Boyles Group
ApolloBet 10 Bets Get £50 £28
BetMclean 10 Bets Get £50 £28
BoyleSport 5 Bets Get £10 £3
 Offers: 6 Your Total: £147

Type 3: N Bets Get £Y 

Note: We recommend completing 188 Bet and Bwin (as these are relatively quick and very profitable to complete), then move on to Bet365 and BetVictor (Type 4 below) as both these bookmakers are good for Daily Offers. Then come back and to complete the remaining Type 3 offers.

Ease To Complete

These take longer than Type 1/2 and will require a larger balance in your exchange to lay off multiple bets. However, by now you will have more than sufficient profits to cover the larger lay off bets and these Type 3 offers are still easy, risk free profit.


These are promoted by one 'group' - Boyle Sport. The term 'group' means they have multiple bookmaker brands within the one owner. In additional, a handful of individual bookmakers promote this type of welcome offer.

How It Works

These are are similar to Type 1 offers, but rather than needing to place just one Bet £X to trigger the Free Bet £Y, instead we need to place either 5 or 10 bets to trigger Free Bet £Y.

How We Profit Risk Free

Sign up, deposit and place either 5 or 10 bets at a particular average or minimum stake whilst laying off each bet in the sequence in the exchange. Exact details are given in each welcome offer page. Once we have completed the required number of bets, this triggers the full Free Bet £Y, which we then lay off the same way as for Type 1 free bets to guarantee risk free profit.

You can take up the offer across each of the bookmaker brands, however please be follow these tips to ensure your can profit from the offers without the group restricting your account.

  • Place 2 or 3 'Mug Bets' after completing each offer the group.
  • Wait 2 or 3 weeks between completing the group's next offer.

This should significant improve your chances of appearing as a Mug punter to the group.

Bookmaker Offer (Clickable) Value
Bet365 First Bet £200 Bonus + First Mobile Bet £50 Bonus £144 + £36
BetVictor First Bet £50 Bonus £40
Offers: 2 Your Total: £220

Type 4: First Deposit/Bet Bonus

Ease To Complete

These are usually quicker to clear than Type 3 though longer than Type 4. Additionally, for the larger offers you will require require relative large amounts to be laid off on the exchange, therefore commence the offers only once you have the required bankroll (stated in each offer).  However, these are very profitable (in particular Bet365 offer) and is completely risk free profit so well worth completing.


These are promoted by high profile bookmakers, most notably Bet365.

How It Works

The bookmaker gives you a 'bonus' once you have made your first deposit or first bet (depending on the particular bookmaker). The £ amount of bonus added to your balance depends on the £ amount of your first deposit or first bet, usually it is 50% or 100% (doubling your balance). In order to withdraw the bonus you are set a £ target amount ('wagering requirement') that you need to bet in total. This amount is usually 3 to 6 times the amount of the bonus e.g. if you are given £50 bonus, you will need to wager £150 to £300 in total bets until you can withdraw the bonus.

How We Profit Risk Free

Once we have triggered the bonus by placing our first deposit or first bet, we simply lay off on the exchange all future bets, finding the close, high profile games as normal, until we have reached the wagering requirement. This means the very small loss we incur with each bet we lay off  is far less than the bonus we can withdraw (once the wagering requirement is met).

However, if you keep winning in the bookmaker, this can mean you need a large amount in your exchange account in order to keep laying off bets, because you can't withdraw your bookmaker winnings until you reach the wagering requirement.

In an ideal situation, we will lose our initial bet(s) placed in the bookmaker and win our bets placed in the exchange. This effectively moves the 'bonus' from the bookmaker to the exchange, where we do not have the wagering requirements to complete, meaning we no longer need to continue betting in the bookmaker to meet their wagering requirement.

We provide clear guidance for each offer in the individual bookmaker guides and these are very profitable offers, the Bet365 in particular gives outstanding, risk free profit.

Any Questions?

We hope you have found the above tutorial helpful though if you have any questions at all please get in touch.