Weekend Offers

Weekend Offers

There's lots of little bits that will add up to a nice and tidy profit this weekend! Plenty of low risk and risk free casino things to be getting involved with, as well as a nice offer from Sportpesa that, despite being hammered earlier in the week, they've upped! It was Bet £100 get £20 refund, it's now Bet £200 get £40 refund!

These offers are correct as of Friday, so if you see anything else then please feel free to share it! There are also plenty of other profitable offers posted on Oddsmonkey so if you don't have a subscription yet you can grab one here.

As always, please feel free to leave a comment on the Facebook post!

All Weekend Offers

Below are some offers that are available over the whole weekend. They're quick and easy, and although not all guaranteed profit they're still good to do!

Oddsmonkey Tools
(See how to maximise your profits below!)

- A really handy tool to find the best odds out there for your bet. This can save lots of time and more importantly money!
*Daily Offer Calendar
- This will list all of the profitable offers possible, each and every day. For those who have more time on their hands, this tool is extremely handy and is the key to sustaining decent monthly profits
*Price Boost Alerts
- This is one of my favourite things. You can make upwards of £500 a month using price boosts alone, and get alerted for each and every one. This is only available if you're an Oddsmonkey member, and it's an absolute gold mine. If you haven't tried out price boosts yet, then make sure you give them a trial and do it! You can find a guide on how to set it all up here
*Advanced Calculators
- A lot of the offers posted have great lock in opportunities, but in order to do them properly you'll need an Oddsmonkey subscription to use one of their calculators. They have lots of different ones that will help you make a decent profit and guarantee profit no matter what
*0% Smarkets Commission
- If you're placing a lot of bets then 0% commission is far better than the standard 2%, or 5% with Betfair. Just 1 month's worth of bets can save you enough in commission to pay for the membership itself, and you will also get the other features effectively for free!
*30 day money back guarantee
- Oddsmonkey offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have any issues or don't want to pursue membership then you can simply request a refund, and so it's all risk free!

**Valid 18:00 - 23:59 Friday**
Wager £10 get £5 

Profit: £3.50+ expected

Skybet are offering a £5 free bet when you wager £10 on slots in Sky Vegas.

*Log in and Opt in here
*Wager a total of £10 on any slot apart from the excluded ones

The Free Bet
*Skybet will give you a £5 free bet for any sports shortly after
*It can bet used on anything so calculate at high odds and SNR to guarantee a profit

*Must opt in
*Free bet expires in 7 days
*Valid until 23:59 friday night

**Valid From 9am Saturday**
Wager £20 get £5 

Profit: £3+ expected

Skybet are offering a £5 free bet when you wager £20 on slots or games in Sky Vegas.

*Log in and Opt in here
*Wager a total of £20 on any slot or game in Sky Vegas

The Free Bet
*Skybet will give you a £5 free bet for any sports shortly after
*It can bet used on anything so calculate at high odds and SNR to guarantee a profit

*Must opt in
*Free bet expires in 7 days
*Valid 9am Saturday to 23:59 Sunday


Bet £10 Get Spins

Profit: £1+ expected

Genting are offering one free spin on Lightning Roulette for every goal scored on Saturday's matches, when you bet £10 at odds 1.8+ on any Saturday match (apart from the 5:30 games).

*Bet £10 on any match at odds 1.8+. Pre-match bets only. Bets before 3pm only
*Lay your bet off as normal

The Free Spins
*Free spins are credited per goal on Monday
*Open up Lightning Roulette and spin the spins to complete the offer

*Min bet £10
*Min odds 1.8+
*Games before 3pm only
*Lightning Roulette only
*Spins expire 23:59 Wednesday

William Hill

5 Free Spins

Profit: Hopefully!

William Hill are offering 5 free spins on the Berry Berry Bonanza slot

*Visit offer here
*Opt in and Load up Berry Berry Bonanza
*Spin the free spins
*Any winnings need to be wagered 20x
*Max winnings are supposed to be £20 but there is a loophole where you can make more. If you have almost completed wagering then stop and spin everything left you have apart from £20 (as it's the max). Anything you win on the last spin will go into cahs balance.

*20x wagering

Free Bonus (Hi/Lo Game)

Free Cash

Bwin are offering free cash, free cash, and other prizes every day.

*Log in and open up the game here
*Click "Hi" or "Lo" 3 times in a row
*If you win, you'll win a prize. This is likely to be free cash that can be instantly withdrawn, a freebet, or a risk-free non deposit casino bonus
*You may also receive deposit x get x spins. These used to be worth it as there was no wagering, however there is apparently a 35x wager on the spins now. It's unclear if the free spins winnings are used before real cash, and so I'd avoid this one now. However if you can withdraw your cash leaving just the bonus, then it is risk free.
*If you lose, you will receive nothing but can have another go again tomorrow!

Avoid "Play and get Casino bonus" prizes are they are not worth it.

*Can be done once per day
*All bonuses/free bets expire within 3 days

Free Bonus (Prize Machine)

Free Cash

Sky are giving away free prizes every day on their prize machine. This is worth doing as pretty much all of the prizes, besides a few, are risk free!

*Log in and Opt In here
*Open up the Prize Machine and spin it to see what prize you win - the prizes are all listed on the promotion page
*The only ones that aren't Risk Free and are potentially not worth doing are the following:
- Buy One Get One Free
- Stake £5 on Slots of IW for 5 free spins
- Lose!

*All others can be attempted.

Scratchcards have a 1x wagering
Sky Vegas Table Bonus has 1x wagering

All other items have no wagering!

*Valid every day from 12pm (noon)
*1 spin per person
*List of prizes found on promo page here

William Hill

Free Bonus (Scratchcard)

Free Bets

William Hill are offering a free scratch card every day. We're not sure what the prizes are going to be on Saturday and Sunday however there may be a decent offer because in the last week or so there have been Two bet x get y offers (guaranteeing £3+ each!) so it's worth checking the facebook post.

*Log in and scratch here
*Check the Facebook post at the top of this page to see if the offers are worth doing

*Can be done once per day
*All bonuses/free bets expire within 7 days

This Weekend's Acca Boosts

Below are the Acca Boosts announced so far. To make it as quick as possible for you, just click the exchange logos to go to the acca lay market.

Betfair are giving 0% commission on the SkyBet lay market to all customers, plus you can get 0% commission on Smarkets and 0% commisison on Matchbook on all lay markets too!

Additional Acca Boosts and Betfair Lay Markets will be added as they become available!

Man Utd, C.Palace & Leeds
Boosted to 7.5 (lay 7.0)
Max Stake £20
£1.42 Profit Risk Free

Man Utd, C.Palace & Leeds
Boosted to 7.5 (lay 6.9)
Max Stake £20
£1.73 Profit Risk Free

William Hill

Man Utd, Leic. and C.Palace
Boosted to 6.5 (lay 6.2)
Max Stake £10
£0.48 Profit Risk Free

William Hill

Man Utd, Leic. and C.Palace
Boosted to 6.5 (lay 6.2)
Max Stake £10
£0.48 Profit Risk Free

Saturday ITV Racing

There's plenty of Horse Racing going on over Saturday and Sunday with ITV racing . William Hill have recently changed the boost to £40 max, however you can stack bets. What I mean by this, is you can bet £40 on a horse using the boost, and then also bet a further X amount on the horse and BOTH bets will count towards 2 Clear.

Lets say the horse requires £300 to be bet on to get the maximum £100 free bet refund, you can bet £40 using the boost, lay it, and then bet £260 with your own cash and no boost, then lay that. If it wins by 2 Clear, you will receive the full £100 free bet.

Saturday ITV Racing

Profit: £30+ expected

The usual ITV racing refunds are on such as Bet365 4/1 and all of the regular Money back to SP fav offers. There is also William Hill high 5 and 2 clear.

*Check out the guide to all of the offers here!

*Bet365 4/1 guide here
*William Hill 2 Clear guide here
*Refund if 2nd to SP guide here
*General Horse Racing refunds guide here

Saturday Odds Boost / 2 Clear

Profit: Possible £100 free bet

This offer combines William Hill's daily price boost with their 2Clear promotion to give you a risk free chance at a £100 free bet, and also to make a few quid on the qualifying bet!

*Open the list of horse race meetings on mobile site here
Boost will only show on mobile site, but you can access it on desktop by clicking above link
*Click on any eligible race (listed below)
*Find any horse with close back & lay odds
*Add horse to betslip, and click "boost" to boost the odds
*To work out how much you need to stake for the maximum £100 refund, do 666 / (original odds -1). We use 666 as 15% of this is £100, so we need to "win" £666 to get the full £100. You can do less, i.e. 333 for a £50 free bet and 167 for a £25 free bet.
For example, a horses odds are 5.5 boosted to 5.9. You need to do 666 / 4.5, which gives a £148 stake for the maximum £100 free bet
(You can bet up to £40 on the horse with the boost however will only receive a max £100 free bet)
*Place bet and lay at exchange

You should instantly profit from the boost if you've made the back odds higher than the lay odds

If the your horse wins by 2 or more lengths, you will receive a free bet of 15% up to £100.

This promotion is called 2Clear. More info can be found here.

Please note: 6 horses must start for race to qualify. Some of these races had 6 horses at the time of writing but may have dropped to 5 if a Non-Runner is declared. Make sure there are 6 horses near start time before placing bets.

*Max Stake for boost £40
*£100 free bet is calculated as 15% of "winnings"
*Mobile site only (use link provided if on desktop)
*Free bets credited within 24 hours
*Free bets expire after 4 days

View guide here for more info

Saturday 15:00 Crystal Palace vs Newcastle


Bet £20 Get Free Bets

Profit: £3+ expected

Fun88 are offering a £5 free bet for every goal Newcastle score, when you bet £20 at odds 2.0+ on the game

*Bet £20 at odds 2.0+ pre match on ay market of the Palace/Newcastle match
*Lay your bet off as normal

The Free Bet
*You will receive a maximum of 2x£5 free bets. They are credited within 48 hours
*Calculate at high odds and SNR to guarantee a profit

*Min odds 2.0+
*Pre-match only
*Free bet credited within 48 hours
*Free bet(s) expire within 5 days

Sunday 13:30 West Ham vs Chelsea


Bet £5 get £5

Profit: £3 expected

*Bet £5 on the BetYourWay market of West Ham vs Chelsea at min odds of 2.0+
*You cannot lay these bets normally, so choose as low odds as possible

Within 24 hours you'll receive a £5 free bet.
*Place £5 free bet on any sport as Free Bet SNR

If your BetYourWay bet wins, your up whatever profit plus £4 from free bet
If your BetYourWay bet loses, you're -£5 but get £4 from free bet so only -£1

This offer is advantage play, but well worth it.

*Min odds 2.0+
*Qualifier must be place on BetYourWay market
*Free bet credited within 24 hours
*Free bet expires after 7 days

Paddy Power

£10 Refund

Profit: £7 expected or £2+ lock in

*Visit offer page here

Option 1 - Bet and Hope
*Bet £10 on any correct score or goalscorer
*Place your lay bet on the exchange
Hope Chelsea win and your bet loses for a £10 free bet!

Option 2 - Lock in (requires Oddsmonkey)
*Choose a correct score where Chelsea do not win (e.g. 0-0, 0-1 to West Ham)
*Open Oddsmonkey's Trigger Bet calculator here
*Fill out the blue and red boxes as follows: Back Stake £10, Back odds of your correct score, Free bet Award £10, Free Bet Retention 80%, Lay odds of your correct score, Lay commission,
*Fill out the trigger bet lay as follows: Method normal, Lay Odds of Man Utd to win to score, Lay Commission
*Now bet £10 on your correct score
*Lay your correct score as normal using the amount in the "lay stake" box
*Lay Chelsea to win with the amount in the "lay stake" box at the bottom under the "trigger bet lay"
You can see your locked in profit of around £2 in the profit breakdown at the bottom of the calculator!

*Max Bet £10
*First bet only
*Losing bets refunded only
*Free bets credited within 2 hours
*Free bets expire in 7 days

Sunday 16:00 Arsenal vs Everton

£40 Refund (Bet £200)

Profit: £40 if triggered or £9+ lock in

Sportpesa have a great offer Arsenal vs Everton Sunday 16:00. Bet £200 on anything at 2.0+, and if it loses you'll receive a £40 free bet. There are two ways you can attempt this.

  1. Bet and Hope
    *Bet £200 on anything at 2.0+
    *Lay your bet off as normal
    *If your bet loses you'll receive a £40 free bet
  2. Lock in
    *Bet £200 on anything at 2.0+
    *Don't lay it yet - open Oddsmonkey's equal profit calculator here
    *Fill in your back stake, back odds, lay odds, lay commission as normal
    *Free bet Award = £40
    *Free bet retention = 80%
    *Now lay your bet using the lay stake provided
    *If your bet wins you profit instantly. If your bet loses you make a small loss but get a £40 free bet

The Free Bet
*The free bet is credited within 48 hours - calculate at high odds and as SNR to guarantee a profit.

*Pre match bets only
*Min stake £200
*Min odds 2.0+
*25% free bet if lose
*Free bet credited within 48 hours
*Free bet expires in 5 days