• Name: Karen McGoldrick

  • Average Expected Value (EV) per week: About £260 per week over the last 10 weeks. Less prior to joining Team Casino but I didn’t track those figures

  • Average Hours Per Week: 25

  • Bankroll: £10000 (but most of the offers require £2000 at most)

How long have you been doing low risk casino offers?

I started Matched Betting at the end of January 2019 and used that profit to move into low risk casino about mid April. Most of my available time is now spent doing casino rather than sports offers.

What were your biggest concerns before starting casino, and how did you overcome them?

Honestly, I really didn’t have any concerns. I was on the Team Profit Facebook page daily by then and so had picked up lots of advice and tips already from the great guys on there. I have a tendency to jump into things with both feet and 100% commitment, which doesn’t always pay off lol. But it really did where low risk casino offers are concerned. I just made the decision to start and went for it.

What does your average day look like and how does casino fit into it?

I own an animal centred business, based at home, which operates 7 days per week all year round. It requires at least 40 hours of my time per week and can be up to 65 hours when we’re really busy ( which is about 5 months per year!).   We also have 2 uni aged “adults” at home who really aren’t very good at adulting yet :). And an 11 year old. Plus 2 dogs, 4 cats and a pony. It is an extremely busy house.  

I start “real” work about 6.30-7am (6am in the summer) and work until approx 10.30/11am. Then I make a very large mug of coffee and settle myself at the laptop to let the low risk magic happen.  I get through as much EV as I can between then and 2.30/3pm. I always start with the highest EV first and work my way down the list - I rarely have time to get to the No Risk stuff - maybe on a Tuesday or Thursday when there aren’t so many offers.

While I’m spinning away I also plough through the business phone calls, emails, FB messages etc (my business mobile is available to customers for 70 hours per week - it beeps and chirps and cheeps a lot!!).  From about 3pm I’m back to business work until about 6.30pm. I eat and then, if I need to, I spend another hour or so finishing off the EV for the day. But I have a very firm rule to close the laptop at 8.30pm. If I’m not done by then it just doesn’t get done.

And that is pretty much my routine 7 days per week ( I do manage to fit in other, “normal” life stuff too, somehow 🙂

Could you give us your top tip/s for being successful at casino offers?

This is a hard one for me to answer! I am not a naturally cautious person and tend to hurl myself into things. But:

  • Take Your Time: Take everything at a pace you are totally comfortable with and don’t feel pressured into doing an offer just because you think everyone else is or because someone else had a good win on it. It doesn’t work like that! I still don’t do a higher risk Coral offer every week. I have the bankroll to do it but that one actually scares me :). I will do it eventually, when I’m ready.

  • Read ALL the Team Casino guides, they explain everything really clearly.

  • I would advise everyone to try not to compare their profits to anyone else

  • Bankroll: Pay attention to the recommended bankroll for each offer.

  • Try really hard not to look at the daily/weekly profit if you can. It’s not easy to do but not good for your mental health if you’ve had a tough week. I see it as a long term plan/goal/objective and I KNOW that if I keep getting through the EV it all comes good in the end.

  • Do as much EV as your schedule allows for.

  • Don’t worry if you get gubbed!! There are loads of other sites.

  • Be prepared for surprises! I have had a 98% low variance slot give me 50 dead 20p spins. Just the once but it CAN happen. On the other hand I have had a £174 win from a single 20p spin. Not much about casino makes me raise an eyebrow these days.but that one did.

What benefits have you found from using Team Casino?

I had already been doing low risk Casino for about 8-10 weeks before joining Team Casino and was finding that I was spending as much time looking for offers as I was doing them. It was very frustrating having to refresh pages constantly, wade through loads of chat posts etc, to find worthwhile offers.

Now, I just open the reload page and whizz my way down the list from the highest EV down to the No Risk offers. I think I am probably getting double the EV done daily now. It has saved me masses of time - and time is money!   I do also check my emails daily for any individual offers but I haven’t logged onto any of the other sites/forums for weeks now.

Before Team Casino I knew what EV (Expected Value) was but really didn’t pay much attention to it. I certainly didn’t track it! Now I truly understand EV and can spin away confident that every offer I do is worth my time and effort.

I no longer “profit watch” lol, but I definitely do “EV watch”

The Team Casino Facebook page is an enormous asset. There is a wealth of experience on the TC site and FB page, mods are amazing and there is always help available if you need it. More importantly, it is a really positive place, which I love. It’s great to be able to see members giving a big boost to others who are having a tough day/week/month. 

As far I am concerned Team Casino is worth its weight in gold - and all for the truly massive amount of 50p per day!!!

And now it is exactly  8.30pm and I am closing the lid on my laptop after a very successful day with another £63.39 of EV under my belt.

Until tomorrow …….

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