One of the most common questions in the Facebook Group is 'how do I earn a regular profit from Reload Offers?'

To help you with this, we have launched a new series of guest posts called 'Week In The Life Of'', where regularly (hopefully 3-4 a month) in this blog an experienced matched better will explain their typical weekly matched betting routine, including:

  • Which Offers They Focus On

  • Weekly Matched Betting Routine

  • Top Tips For Offers

Over the weeks ahead there will be a range of guests, including full time matched betters, stay at home parents and those with full time jobs making some extra cash in their spare time!

For our fourth guest, we have Jess, a stay at home mum, who fits matched betting part-time around looking after her two young children.

Jess' Top Trump Card
Weekly Profit About £215
Daily Hours 4-5 hours
Bankroll £3,500
MB Age 8 months
Who, where and what?

Hello! My name is Jess Titley! I am 24 years old and stay at home mum to Dylan (3) and Lettie (1) I also have a horse and a dog so we are a pretty busy bunch! We live in Bovey Tracey in Devon with my partner and kids dad, Graham.

What is your matched betting background?

I don't remember exactly how I discovered matched betting, but I know it kept popping up on various parenting Facebook groups I was on, it took me about 6 months of on and off reading about it to have the guts to actually start it! It was clear as mud!

What does your typical matched betting week look like?

Most days the darlings have me up nice and early 6.30-7.30 am! I'm very lucky that first thing in the morning my two are happy to just play for a little while, so I start the day with a coffee and dabble into the daily casino (1, maybe 2 offers, simple bet x for x spins) then it's feed and dress myself/kids/dog, maybe another coffee or play with the kids (depends how the night went!) before heading up to the horses at around 9.30.

If we don't go to the horses (I have sharers so occasionally have mornings off!) then I make an effort to get the kids out! I always get out in the morning, to burn off some energy and spend quality time with them, we love being outside!  Now, depending on the day I will aim to be home for lunch in time to get bets on.

I'll check Tom's Daily Profit on the Team Profit Facebook Page and do what I want from there, check the price boosts thread and get free bets on, while the kids are eating/having some independent play! I may check Oddsmonkey's Oddsmatcher for 2ups, or extra places as well.

If I get on an extra place and we are in for the afternoon I will check through the afternoon to attempt to cover more horses. (also, cleaning, I do fit some cleaning in!)

When Graham comes home he cooks dinner and I have 30 minutes or so to myself, now I'll check bets have settled, withdraw if needed. Check Oddsmatcher for 2up matches, and do a little more casino, then it's dinner and getting the kids to bed which any parent knows is likely to be different one day to the next! But when they are (finally!) down I'll watch 2up games and/or finish off any casino offers (Oddsmonkey daily offers!)

Throughout the day (pretty much anytime I'm drinking coffee!) i'll check Team Profit's Facebook page for anything to do, though it's very much child dependent if I can get on or not!

Could you give your top tip for managing your time?

On busier days, where we know there will be lots of profit to be made (think Saturdays/Cheltenham!) I have a whiteboard that I fill out the night before with all the offers I want to get on listed by priority. So I have already done most of the thinking the night before and have something to work off.

Any final comments?
Matched betting has been completely life changing for me.

Looking back now I can see I was in a bit of a rut, my day in the life above was a very different picture whereby I barely left the house bar doing the horses or the odd trip to playgroup or the park! My partners wage just about covered things, but literally... just about, I had to ask him for everything, which after paying for the horse and petrol anything more felt a little cheeky! Matched betting has added so much to my role in the household, I have my own money again, we have a 'savings' pot - emergencies only! Don't throw your bankroll away! I can contribute to bills.

But utmost I can take the kids out, I put petrol in my car myself, and we go to the aquarium, or to the moors, or the beach, or the zoo, the list is endless! Matched betting has paid for our first family holiday to Butlins in June!

The quality time I get to spend with my kids is priceless, being able to go places, have days out and make memories! Of course, you can give your children a fantastic life without this stuff but I, me, I was so sick of our free and within-walking-distance local park I truly thrive as a parent being able got to aquariums and petting zoos!

I will add, I am careful about how I dip, and won't ever leave myself too short that a couple good Saturdays can't fix!