This is a completely risk free offer using the Trading 212 website. Although not exactly Matched Betting, it's super easy to do and is worth around £10 for 5 minutes worth of work! (Some people will actually receive more than £10, however £10 is the average  that the majority will receive). Basically, they are giving away free shares to people who sign up as a way of getting you on their platform, just like a bookmaker would. We simply sign up, take the free share, and cash it out.

Sign Up To Trading212

Step 1: Sign up to Trading212 here. By clicking the link, you are going through our referral link. Whilst not necessary for this offer, it helps us out as well as we will both receive a share, and so you are helping to keep Team Profit awesome and free so thank you!

Open an account by clicking one of the circled boxes

Step 2: When entering your registration details, make sure you open an Invest account, and not an ISA. Also ensure your currency is in GBP (Pounds £).

Step 3: In order to receive the share, you will need a funded account. All this means is that you must have made a deposit, but don't worry, you can withdraw this without spending it.

You can deposit literally £1, however we recommend depositing about £5, or even £10. This is because this offer has been getting hammered by Matched Bettors and everyone is putting in £1 exactly - there have been no reported issues yet however putting in £5 will keep you safe from any "gubbing" type sprees they have.

Step 4: Wait a few hours (normally less than 6). You will receive a "free share" which can be worth anything from £5 to £100. At the bottom of the site it will either be in your "pending orders" or your "open positions".

If it's in Pending Orders it means the share hasn't actually been issued yet so you will have to wait until it moves to open positions.

If it's in Open Positions it means the share has been issued to you so it is now yours. However, you won't be able to sell it for 3 days from the date of issue. So you now must wait 3 days. You will see your account value has now gone up. The total account value will be your deposit + the share value. The share value will show as Blocked Funds, and will move to Free Funds when you have sold the share in 3 days.

Step 5: Click the X to sell the share after the 3 days is up, and it will be placed to sell. The share won't sell instantly, and it may take a few hours again. Once it has sold your Blocked Funds will be moved to Free Funds and you can withdraw all of it, along with your deposit!

Enjoy the free money!

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