Top 8 Quick Student Money Making Ideas

In this article I'll be going through the best student money making ideas - most will be from my own experience and others will be compiled from researching the internet. They're all very quick ways to add additional funds to your bank balance and all very easy to get started on.


1. No-Risk Matched Betting

student money making ideasThis is a technique I have the most knowledge in and something I REALLY wish was around whilst I was at university (damn you dial-up!). I'm making over £1,500/month from it at the moment and although that kind of money requires experience, you can easily make up to £500 when just starting out.

Matched Betting is completely legal, risk-free, tax-free and is currently enjoyed by over 25,000 all across the UK.

It works by taking advantage of the generous free bets offered out by bookmakers to get you to sign up. By 'matching' the bookmaker bet on a betting exchange we eliminate the risk, having bet on both outcomes we get the free bets without the risk of losing money. We can then turn the free bets into cash using the same method.

To find out more about Matched Betting, check out my Matched Betting Guide - filled with video guides, infographics and real life examples.

Then check out the Starting with £25 Guide - perfect for students starting out with a lower budget.


2. 'Get Paid To' site

This really is a great site. It is a student one-stop-shop for earning money by doing some truly simple things, as well as providing cashback for any online shopping you wish to spend your easily-earnt money on.

Here you can literally get paid to; complete online surveys, watch videos, listen to radio adverts and even referring your friends to join too will earn you and them some money.

Click here to join and get a free £5


3. Mystery Shopper

mystery shopperGet paid to shop and give your opinion on your experience, it's really that simple.

Companies want to quality assure their shopping experience and their staff, so what they do is pay the public to use their shop and provide their feedback. You won't need to spend your own money and from what I've heard you get paid quite nicely...they may even throw in some freebies!

The market leading mystery shopping company is Market Force Shopper


4. Freelancing

People often find the idea of freelancing out your skills intimidating, thinking you need to be a pro to do it - you don't. Thanks to sites such as PeoplePerHour and Fiverr you can put your services on their listings and charge whatever you wish.

Any skill you think could be valuable to someone or a small business then it's definitely worthwhile creating an account and adding yourself to the service (no harm in trying). Simply browse the different categories and find something that makes you think "I could do that!".


5. User Testing for Websites

This is a freelancing job that ANYONE can do. There are all sorts of these user testing jobs on the freelancer websites I mentioned earlier. It entails visiting a website, testing it out for it's purpose then leaving some feedback on what you thought of it and your experiences.

As an example I advertised for something similar when I first launched Team Profit and paid £10 for 40minutes work - so it's pretty tidy for not much time at all.

6. Buying cheap from eBay and selling it on Amazon

Ebay and Amazon sellingThis may take a bit of time to get accustomed to both platforms (eBay and Amazon), but if you put some time a side to get to know the landscape there is a ton of easy money to be had.

And the concept couldn't be simpler. Things on eBay tend to sell for less than what you can sell them 'used' on Amazon - don't ask me why, it must be something to do with some psychological valuing that people do subliminally.

As student money making ideas goes, this is possibly the easiest and has the most potential. I'll try and set up a more detailed tips sheet on this method later down the line, but for now just compare prices and find items you can buy for a lower price on eBay than you can sell on Amazon.


7. TV/Film Extra

Ever fancied those 15 minutes of fame? You could be a screen star....or at least be a background figure.

If you can stand in one place for a few minutes pretending to look busy then this could be the part-time job for you! And the pay is not too shabby either, you can expect about £12-15/hour for doing very little actual work. Ironically whilst at University I was an extra on the television sitcom, 'Extras' - fantastic fun and a priceless experience, highly recommend.

Check out universal extras or search google for more extras providers.


8. Tutoring kids in your local area

graduate jonParents paying for extra tutorage for their kids outside of school time is very common practice at the moment, mainly for numeracy and literacy.

You would be helping local kids prepare for their SATs, GCSEs or even A-levels. And you may be thinking you're not qualified or smart enough to do that, however, if you're studying at University and have good GCSE and A-level results you should be very desirable for most parents.

It offers the extremely rewarding parts of being a teacher, but without having a class full of kids! Expect to earn around £10/hour doing it (plus huge job satisfaction and a cracking experience). Check out tutor pairing sites, such as Tutor Fair to get started. Once you're up and running you'll receive a lot of referrals from other parents.


If you have any questions about the above student money making ideas, please don't hesitate to get in touch either via email or using the live help feature in the bottom right of the page!