Tony's Top Matched Betting Tips

Tony is a very helpful Team Profit Facebook Group member and has just over 12 months experience with matched betting.

In this guide, Tony shares his top 8 tips based on his first 12 months.

There is plenty of great advice from Tony, I hope you find it helpful whether you are new, inexperienced or an experienced matched bettor.

Tony's Tip #1 - Maximise Your Welcome Offer Profits

Try and make as much profit as you can from your Welcome Offers, with some bookies this might be the only chance you get to make money out of them, they may have no ongoing offers that are worthwhile.

If that’s the case then withdraw any money left in that account and put it to good use making money elsewhere.

Choosing 4.0+ Odds 

This will require enough of a balance in whichever exchange you use. You don’t need to choose obscure events, the top teams in the major football leagues lose to “lesser” teams more often than they should, find a good odds match and back them, or back the draw, that can often have odds of well over 4.0, then lay off at the exchange of your choice.

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Tony's Tip #2 - Keep Records

For me this is fundamental, you need to know what you’ve done and what you need to do, a spreadsheet is great for this, but a pad and a pen would be sufficient.

Maybe you could “muddle along” without keeping track of things, but I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

If you sign up with say 3 bookies in a week and you do 2 qualifying bets playing on Monday and one on Tuesday, the one on Tuesday gives you the free bet automatically when the first bet is settled, one of the other bookies gives the free bet within 48 hours of your first bet being settled, and the other gives the free bet when you email them after the first bet is settled.

You need a pretty good memory to get them right without something to refer to... or maybe I’m too old to remember it all?

Jon's Bonus Tip - Profit Tracker Check out the spreadsheet to help you track your Welcome Offer profit and balances.

Tony's Tip #3 - Choose Football Over Racing

Bookies much prefer you to bet on football than horses, in my experience gubbings are far more likely if you back horses regularly.

That’s from my own experience and from reading (in another Facebook group) about other people’s gubbings.

Jon's Bonus Tip  Selections Use this blog post updated every Monday and Friday for the most popular football this week.

Tony's Tip #4 - Ask For Help Anytime

Don’t be afraid to ask for help rather than struggle on and mess things up, there is no such thing as a stupid question about matched betting , some people pick it up quicker than others, but nobody is born with any knowledge about it, it all has to be learned.

I would bet (and lay off on Smarkets, lol) that there isn’t anyone that hasn’t been puzzled about an aspect of Matched Betting (or betting in general) at some point, if you haven’t you’re a genius, and I respect you a great deal.

Also, your question may help someone else in the same situation as you are, but are afraid to ask.

Jon's Bonus Tip  Facebook Group  Post in the anytime you have a question, it's free and there are plenty of fellow matched betters ready to help!

Tony's Tip #5 - Join Smarkets

Please open a Smarkets account, their commission is 2% compared to 5% on Betfair. It all adds up over time.

Also Betfair and Paddy Power are the same company, DO NOT lay your Paddy Power bets on Betfair, you’ll be hit by the gubbing stick faster that you could imagine.

Smarkets is really easy once you’ve done a couple of bets on there, really good search facility and easy access to your account history and easy to deposit or withdraw. After Smarkets I’d recommend Matchbook as their commission is even lower, but you pay it on every bet, win or lose. I have no connection to Smarkets, but opening an account with them is one of the best things I’ve done since starting Matched Betting.

Jon's Bonus Tip Smarkets Welcome Offer Smarkets have a very easy Welcome Offer worth £10 profit, enjoy the easy profit!

Tony's Tip #6 - Put Free Bets On Multiples

If you’ve done a lot of sign up offers, you may get offered free bets from some bookies.

If it looks like a good deal (and you can always ask in the Facebook Group a good way of using your free bet is a multiple bet (if allowed) a double or treble on well known teams boosts the odds without using big outsiders, or obscure leagues.

Jon's Bonus Tip Using Free Bets On Multiples Check out this article to convert 80%+ of your free bet to cash profit, ch-ching!

Tony's Tip #7 - Learn Football Accumulator Refunds

Accas are a great way to make profit and are now my main source of profit.

Bookies love them as each leg of an acca increases your chance of losing. Now that’s a bad thing for a “normal” punter, but great for us as we’re laying the result with an exchange.

Use bookies that offer insurance against one leg losing and you can guarantee a profit on your acca of around 20% (more or less, depends on odds movement if you lay sequentially).

Some bookies (e.g.Hills and Ladbrokes) have special online coupons listing just the games that qualify for their acca insurance, makes pacing your acca really quick and easy.

Jon's Bonus Tip Football Accumulator Refunds Check out this guide to learn how to complete football accumulator refunds!

Tony's Tip #8 - Matched Betting Email Address

To make things easier, why not create a new email account purely for matched betting, something like, hotmail etc there are plenty out there, it just makes it easier to find things, new offers and keeps things separate from your main email account.

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