Tom's Top Tips For Regulars

Hello Team!

I've been Matched Betting full time for over 4 and a half years now and thought I'd share some useful tips with you that have helped me along the way!

We don't just want you to make money, we want you to make money in the least time possible, and to enjoy Matched Betting (as it can be really fun!).

Check out the tips below as they can be extremely useful with helping you make £300 profit every month!

Tom's Tip #1 - Check Your Emails Daily

This isn't a huge one as it can all be done from your phone - but you should definitely get into the habit of checking your emails daily.

This is so you can see any offers that are tailored to you (some bookies might send you a birthday free bet, or a loyalty bonus etc). If there are any offers that you're sent and are unsure of then feel free to post them in the Facebook Group or email us.

You can also see if any bookies have sent you the dreaded gub email, which we hope doesn't happen, but if it does it'll be found here!

Additional guide:

Tom's Tip #2 - Team Profit Blog & Profit Accumulator Calendar

Checking the Team Profit blog each day will keep you up to date with matched betting announcements and new offers that are particularly profitable.

Also, try to make use of a Profit Accumulator subscription as they have a calendar so that you can see the best offers available each and every day.

Tom's Tip #3 - Price Boosts

Price boosts can be a really good way to boost your Matched Betting income.

Whilst you're not on your phone all of the time, you can follow the dedicated Facebook post in our group each day. This way, you'll receive a Facebook notification for every boost1

Tom's Tip #4 - Team Casino

Low risk casino offers have become part of my daily routine as there are plenty of free bonuses, free spins, and generally great value offers available daily. Each day I log on to the reloads offer section of, click on an offer, complete it, enter my profit, and move on to the next. When you tick off offers your profit graph will update automatically to show a) how much profit you've made, and b) your total EV (estimated value - what you expect to earn long term). It's extremely efficient and I just power through each and every single offer until there are none left. Then, the next day, I just rinse and repeat.

Team Casino only shows profitable and time worthy casino offers too, and with over £800 EV up for grabs each month, it's definitely worth checking out. You can grab a trial for just £1 here. It may not be for everyone to start with, but it's definitely worth taking a peak at, even if you can't dedicate too much time to Matched Betting each day.

Tom's Tip #5 - Min Stakes On Casino Offers

You may have heard the phrase "min stakes max lines". What this basically means is that when you're on a slot machine, you should set the stake to the smallest amount possible (usually £0.01 - a penny!) and then set the lines to maximum (usually 25). That would mean you're total stake is 25p as you're doing 1p a line.

The idea for these offers is to make your stake the lowest. Even when playing roulette or blackjack you should stick to £1 hands as opposed to £5 or even £10. It helps to reduce variance and make you a more profitable player in the long run (and stops you losing as much when you're running bad).

Tom's Tip #6 - Smarkets

Most of you will have been using Betfair for your journey through Matched Betting so far. That's great, but to sustain your profits you should consider using Smarkets. They are another exchange, just like Betfair, however they charge less commission. Betfair's standard commission rate is 5%, however Smarkets' is only 2%! This can mean you make alot of savings by using them to place your Matched Bets.

As an added bonus, when signing up through Team Profit you will receive their £10 welcome offer!

Tom's Tip #7 - Managing Liability

To reduce your liability required, you can combine your liability on the exchange when betting on more than one outcome. Sound like a mouthful? Lets break down what I mean as an example.

Say you bet on Horse A and Horse B, the exchange knows that both of them can't win, so they don't need to withhold the liability for both lay bets. If one horse required £50 liability, and the other required £40, the exchange will not require you to have £90 in your balance because it knows both horses cannot win.

Instead, the exchange will only need the liability for the largest liability less the other lay stake(s) you will then win. You basically don't need to deposit for each lay bet - you can just deposit for Lay bet A, and then place lay bet B as the exchange knows they both can't win!

Tom's Tip #8 - Place Your Back Bet First

Always place your back bet first!

Make sure your bet has gone through on the bookmaker, been accepted, and is in your open bets before you place a lay bet.

There has been times before where I've placed a lay bet first, and then the bookmaker has either suspended the market, cut the odds, or declined my bet (because of stake restrictions/gubbings). That leaves me with a real pain of a mess to sort out on the exchange, so just make sure you back before you lay.

I hope these tips are helpful and if you have any questions with these, I am available in the Facebook Group and Live Help so please do reach out thanks!

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