Tom's Top Tips For Hustlers

Hello Hustlers!

I've been Matched Betting full time for over 4 and a half years now and thought I'd share some useful tips with you that have helped me along the way! They are mainly focused on time management and organisation which are two key skills needed when Matched Betting like a hustler!

By following the tips on this page you should be well on your way to earning £800 - £1000 profit every month, with some of you making a lot more!

Tom's Tip #1 - Deciding Which Offers To Do

Offers can come in from so many different places such as the Facebook forum, the website, your emails, and even your phone. It can be daunting deciding what to actually do, and how to manage your time. The way I manage my time is simple. Emails > Forum > Team Casino > Filter.

  • 1) Emails

Check your emails EVERY day. This should be the very first thing you do. You are looking for 2 things here; offers and gubbings. Firstly make a note of any recent gubbings, and then go through and look at all of the offers you've been sent. Delete the ones that aren't worth it and then start working through the ones that are. If you're ever not sure, you can post it in our Facebook group and we'll have a look for you!

  • 2) Reload Dashboard

If you have a decent amount of time each day then what I'd recommend doing is go to our Reload Offers Dashboard and work through each and every offer. I'd filter them by profit per hour, so that you're getting the most value out of your time. ).

If you want to discuss any offer, you can head over to the dedicated reloads post in the Facebook group.

Low risk casino offers have become part of my everyday routine as there are plenty of free bonuses, free spins, and generally great value offers available daily. Each day I log on to the reload offers section of, click on an offer, complete it, enter my profit, and move on to the next. When you tick off offers your profit graph will update automatically to show you a) how much profit you've made, and b) your total EV (estimated value - what you expect to earn long term). It's extremely efficient and I just power through each and every single offer until there are none left. Then, the next day, I just rinse and repeat.

Team Casino only shows profitable and time worthy casino offers, and with over £800 EV up for grabs each month, it's definitely worth checking out. You can grab a trial for just £1 here.

Tom's Tip #2 - Higher Stakes For Lower Risk Offers

If you'd consider yourself a beginner when it comes to Matched Betting then we'd always advise doing minimum stakes on casino offers so that if you start having a bad run, you'll lose only a small amount.

However, as somebody who is serious about Matched Betting and some who is attempting lots and lots of offers, it would be very time consuming doing 20p spins all day long.

What I tend to do is 40p or 60p spins on certain offers that aren't as high risk. The chances of losing are pretty small, and we're going to make a lot of profit long term anyway so it's just more of a time saving factor.

Additional guide:

Tom's Tip #3 - Live On The Price Boost Thread

As you can see on our Team Hustler guide, price boosts can be an absolute gold mine!

You're unlikely to get on every single one as you will inevitably be gubbed from certain bookies. But, if you did have all of your accounts you can make £300+ a month from just these alone!

This is why whenever I'm at home I always have Facebook open with the price boost thread! When you follow the post, you'll receive a notification for all price boosts which will help you especially if you're out (some only last for a matter of minutes so you need to be quick at placing them).

Tom's Tip #4 - Withdraw on Wednesday Evenings

My bank processes all transactions at 3.20pm every day apart from weekends. That means if a bookmaker has processed my withdrawal a day earlier, it will be in my bank at exactly 3.20 pm the next day. The reason I make my withdrawals on Wednesday evenings is so that it will be processed sometime on Thursday, and will be in my bank at 3.20 pm on Friday ready for the weekend (as money doesn't go into my bank on Saturdays).

This is good practice to get in to in order to make sure you have enough money to do the weekend offers, as we are Hustlers and that's when we make most of our money!

Tom's Tip #5 - Use Auto-clickers For Casino Offers

Hustlers don't like to waste time - we want to complete offers in the quickest time possible with as little effort as possible.

That's why I'd highly recommend using an autoclicker of some sort. The auto-spin feature on some slots is terrible and you'll find that if you click spin 100 times a second, it's actually a hell of a lot quicker.

You can sometimes spin 2 or 3 times quicker than normal, meaning you will have more time to complete other offers!

I use Gary's Hood autoclicker. You simply set it up so that it keeps clicking the spin button, over and over again. You can then go make a cup of tea, come back and the offer is done!

Tom's Tip #6 - Use Two Screens

It really does help having two screens when Matched Betting. It makes it easy to flick between the bookmaker and the exchange, and even monitor multiple exchange prices so you get the lowest amount for your lay bet. Investing in your general set up overall will make your Matched Betting life so much easier and more fun.

I hope these tips are helpful and if you have any questions with these, I am available in the Facebook Group and Live Help so please do reach out!

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