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Tuesday 5th March

Hey Team

A couple of lock ins today on the Champions League from 10bet and Genting so make sure to get on these for some guaranteed profits!! Hopefully some others will pop up throughout the day. 🙂
A couple of fixtures on for 2up so do have a look at the thread posted in the fb page if you're interested in doing those! Fingers and toes crossed for a full turnaroud 🙂 Paddypower are doing a finders keepers draw as a Countdown to Cheltenham so its daily until March 11th. Hopefully we have a winner amongst our members so best of luck to those taking part!

Also if you haven't heard the news; Smarkets are extending their 0% commission for Oddsmonkey members until the end of March now -Bet365 have extended 2UP until the 1st of June and Paddypower  have extended their 2UP on Champions League, Premier League & La Liga until 19 May & Champions League until 1st June!! 🙂

Any questions then please leave a comment in the Facebook group!

Check out today's pick below.

Price Boosts
Profit Yesterday: £45
Total Week's Profit: n/a

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Info on price boosts can be found here.

*Click Visit Offer
*Look for the most recent boosts posted
*Check the back odds are higher than the lay odds
*Open the bookie and place a back bet
*Lay your bet on the exchange

Few things to note:
DO NOT ask questions on the thread. If you have any questions, post them here
Profit is assuming £10 max bet unless otherwise stated. Most boosts are more than £10 and so the profit is likely more
We don't know how much today is going to be worth, and so a weekly/monthly total is displayed, updated up until yesterday's boosts

Paddy Power

Finders Keepers

Profit: Potential £10k cash

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Paddypower is doing their famous finders keepers cash drop every day until March 11th as a Countdown to Cheltenham

At 1pm, a random £10k will be deposited in a customer's account and there is 60 mins to claim it.  If the cash isn't withdrawn within the 60 mins, it will be deposited in another customer's account the next day.

The maximum winnings is £250k.

*Not applicable to gubbed accounts
*Cash must be withdrawn to claim the cash drop
*Max £250k
*Applicable daily until March 11th. Good luck!


Bet £10 inplay and get £5 free bet

Profit £3

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Genting are offering a £5 free bet when you place a bet £10 inplay on the Champions league match at min odds of 1.8

Back and lay using the normal mode on calculator a bet of £10 in play on any of the games taking place today

A £5 free bet will be credited within 24 hours which is also to be used on the Champions League the next day

Place the free bet at high odds using the snr calculator

*Valid on Champions League matches
*1 free bet per customer per day
*£10 trigger bet must be placed inplay on a Champions League game
*Min 1.8
*Free bet credited within 24 hours and also to be used on the Champions League that day

Bet 5x£5 inplay get £5 free bet
Champions League

Profit £2.50

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10bet are offering a £5 free bet when you place 5x £5 inplay bets on the Champions League games in the same day at min odds of 1.8

Some markets are excluded so make sure to check the terms.

Trigger bets to be placed using the calculator on normal mode.

Free bets to be credited within 24 hours.
These are to be placed at high odds using the calculator on snr mode

*Valid every day from 12pm (noon)
*1 spin per person
*List of prizes found on promo page here

Free Bonus (Prize Machine)

Free Cash

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Sky are giving away free prizes every day on their prize machine. This is worth doing as pretty much all of the prizes, besides a few, are risk free!

*Log in and Opt In here
*Open up the Prize Machine and spin it to see what prize you win - the prizes are all listed on the promotion page
*The only ones that aren't Risk Free and are potentially not worth doing are the following:
- Buy One Get One Free
- Stake £5 on Slots of IW for 5 free spins
- Lose!

*All others can be attempted.

Scratchcards have a 1x wagering
Sky Vegas Table Bonus has 1x wagering

All other items have no wagering!

*Valid every day until March 12th on Champions League and Europa League games
*1 free bet per customer per day
*5x £5 bets must be placed inplay at min odds of 1.8

Free Bonus (Spin wheel)

Free Cash

Visit Offer

*Spin the wheel and it will reveal on a prize
*If you win, you will likely receive free cash. This is completely free and can be withdrawn.
*You may also receive deposit x get x spins. The terms say they have no wagering but proceed with caution as the previous offer (hi-lo game) had wagering, however the previous wheel didn't.
*If you lose, you will receive nothing but can have another go again tomorrow!

Avoid "Play and get Casino bonus" prizes are they are not worth it.

*Can be done once per day
*All bonuses/free bets expire within 3 days

And for those with a larger bankroll....
William Hill have High 5 on one meeting today: Exeter. The boost is £20 however you can stack bets. What we mean by this is that if you were normally going to bet £100 on a horse, you can now bet £20 with the boost and another £80 without as two separate bets, and these will both count for High 5 on the horse.
You will have one boost to use today and so can attempt one of these races risk free. You can also set up Oddsmonkey's Oddsmatcher for alerts on close matches.

High 5 & Odds Boost -

Profit: £1+ expected
+ possible £100 free bet

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This offer combines William Hill's daily price boost with their High 5 promotion to give you a risk free chance at a £100 free bet, and also to make a few quid on the qualifying bet!

*Open the list of horse race meetings on mobile site here
Boost will only show on mobile site, but you can access it on desktop by clicking above link
*Click on any eligible race (listed below)
*Find any horse with close back & lay odds
*Add horse to betslip, and click "boost" to boost the odds
*To work out how much you need to stake for the maximum £100 refund, do 666 / (original odds -1). We use 666 as 15% of this is £100, so we need to "win" £666 to get the full £100. You can do less, i.e. 333 for a £50 free bet and 167 for a £25 free bet.
For example, a horses odds are 5.5 boosted to 5.9. You need to do 666 / 4.5, which gives a £148 stake for the maximum £100 free bet
(You can bet up to £40 on the horse with the boost however will only receive a max £100 free bet). If the max stake is more than £40 then simply bet £40 using the boost, then place the remaining amount without the boost (multiple bets do count on the same horse)..
*Place bet and lay at exchange

You should instantly profit from the boost if you've made the back odds higher than the lay odds

If the your horse wins by 5 or more lengths, you will receive a free bet of 15% up to £100.

This promotion is called High 5. More info can be found here.


Please note: 6 horses must start for race to qualify. Some of these races had 6 horses at the time of writing but may have dropped to 5 if a Non-Runner is declared. Make sure there are 6 horses near start time before placing bets.

*Max Stake for boost £20
*£100 free bet is calculated as 15% of "winnings"
*Mobile site only (use link provided if on desktop)
*Free bets credited within 24 hours
*Free bets expire after 4 days

View guide here for more info

Advised: For these daily offers you need to be using Oddsmonkey's tools, alongside their Smarkets 0% offer!

Advised: For these daily offers you need to be using Oddsmonkey's tools, alongside their Smarkets 0% offer!

Get 0% Commission On Smarkets