Time: 15mins
Expected Profit: £4

Tommy French Weekly Bet Club


Tommy French have a promotion that runs every week from the day you register whereby you bet 10 x £10 and receive a £10 free bet. This offer isn't great but still worth it if you can find close matches and can most certainly be combined with other offers. All events and markets eligible. Offer only valid for first 50 weeks of account being open (max £500 in free bets).

  • The day you register counts as day 1. It runs every 7 days after that.

Key Terms
  • Min odds: 2.0+

  • Min stake: 10 x £10

  • Markets: All Markets Eligible

  • Qualifying Period: Every 7 days from date of registration

  • Offer valid for first 50 weeks of account being open

The Strategy

To trigger the £10 free bet, you must place 10 bets of at least £10 at odds of 2.0+. The easiest way to do this is to complete other Tommy French offers and note down how many bets you placed at 2.0+. Then towards the end of the qualifying period place the remaining amount of bets. The bets you have already placed were for an offer, so this £10 free bet is just going to reduce your qualifying losses a bit, or even make you a profit overall.

Step 1 Find A Match

Open up Tommy French and your exchange and find a close match between the back and lay odds for any event and any market. Alternatively you can use Oddsmonkey's Oddsmatcher and filter out Tommy French.

  • Instead of looking for a match you can combine this offer with other Tommy French offers, so long as bets are placed and settled within the 7 days.

Step 2 Place Your Back And Lay Bets

Bet £10 on Tommy French on the market of your choice.

  • If not combining with any other offer, take no more than 50p loss a bet to make this worthwhile.

Step 3 The Free Bet

After your bets have settled you will receive a £10 free bet that can be used on any market with maximum odds of 7.0. This offer can be repeated weekly until your account has been open for 50 weeks.

  • £500 in free bets a year is equivalent to around £400 cash. If you're combining with other offers then it's a free £400 you would never have had!

Additional Tips
  • Free bets expire 7 days after being credited.

  • Tommy French have regular price boosts and mid week offers such as 2nd to SP fav (horses). Combine with these and then on the 6th day see how many more bets you need to place and finish them.

  • If doing this offer without combining; try to lose no more than 50p per £10 bet. If combining you can take a bigger loss but it's always good to keep it as low as possible for more profit!

Got Questions?

There are 3 ways to ask for help with Team Profit:

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[email protected]teamprofit.com - We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours with complete answers.

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