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How To Make £200 to £400 Profit Every Month

You've made between £500 to £1,000 profit from the Welcome Offers and now you're looking to make a regular monthly income from matched betting. This could for one of many reasons, such as:

  • Save up for a house deposit

  • Save up for a holiday

  • Pay off your credit card or student debts

  • Hitman for the in-laws

Whichever is your reason, you can definitely make this amount from Weekly Offers in your spare time.

Let's cover a couple of key questions first!

How Much Time Will I Need?

Averaging £15 per hour (tax free) is definitely realistic and so to make £200 to £400 a month, you will be looking at between 3 to 6 hours a week.

Ideally you will have some free time on the Saturday's when the more profitable offers are running (due to the weekend football and horse racing) but if not, don't worry, there are still other offers you can do that are not time specific.

How Much Exchange Balance Will I Need?

Some of the offers require only a small liability (<£50 per offer), such as the Weekly Clubs, Risk Free and Email offers.

To complete these and make £200 per month, ideally you will have an exchange balance of £250 to £500.

The remaining offers require a larger liability (£50 to £150 per offer), such as the Football Refunds, Football Accumulators and Racing Refund offers.

To complete these too and make £400 per month, you will need an exchange balance of £500 to £1,000.

How To Make Your First £200 Every Month

You can comfortably make £200 every month from guaranteed profit offers, specifically Weekly Clubs, Risk Free Offers and Price Boosts.

Therefore, I recommend focusing on these offers as your first focus given you'll see your monthly profit rise with every offer completed.

Plus they are all relatively simple offers so there isn't much to learn when moving from the Welcome Offers!

Weekly Free Bet Clubs
£25 Profit Every Week (£100/Month)

Offers Guide: Weekly Clubs Explained
Tool Guides: OddsMatcher & Checklist #9

Risk Free Offers
£20 Profit Every Week (£60/Month)

Offers Guide: Risk Free Offers Explained
Tool Guides: Daily Offers Calendar & Tip #10 & Team Profit Weekend Blog

Price Boosts
£10 Profit Every Week (£40/Month)

Offers Guide: Price Boosts & Multiples Price Boosts
Tool Guides: Tip #10

Getting Started & Routine Tips

Weekly Free Bet Clubs
Anytime During The Week

You should firstly familiarise yourself with the Weekly Clubs, these really are easy profit risk free every week!

I'd recommend starting with the Simple Weekly Clubs in your first week, then add the Multi Bet Clubs the following week. You can complete them anytime during the week really as there is football running most days (exception being Coral and Betsafe that are midweek clubs).

For the Multi Bet Clubs, these will be easier nearer the weekend's football (or these are easy too when there is midweek football e.g. Champions League).

Risk Free Offers
Sat & Sun, Tue & Wed

For the Risk Free offers, these are most common on the Saturday and Sunday football though you'll see them on Tuesday and Wednesday when there is midweek football running too.

Simply check the Team Profit blog to see the 'Weekend Offers' (posted Friday afternoon) and 'Midweek Offers' blog posts (posted Tuesday morning). The OddsMonkey notifications are brilliant and include every offer available (see Tip #1).

Price Boosts
Anytime though best on Sat

The Price Boosts are a bit trickier to complete each week, as they are often only available for a short period, between 15 mins to 1 hour usually.

If you're on your laptop or phone during the day, then just set up the notifications for the Price Boost thread (see Tip #3). In particular these are most profitable on Saturday mornings I tend to find.

How To Make £400 Every Month

You can make £200 a month from the above offers which are all guaranteed profit. If you are looking to make up to an additional £200 profit a month, then you'll need to look into four offer types - Football Accumulators, Football Refunds, Racing Refunds and low risk Casino Offers.

Typically each Regular will have their own preference and maybe focus on a couple of these offer types based on their free time, as explained later in the routine section.

Football Accumulators
£12 Profit Every Week (£50/Month)

Offers Guide: Introduction to Accas 2017-18Football Accumulator Offers Explained
Tool Guides: Acca Finder & Checklist #12

Football Refunds
Average £50 Every Month

Offers Guide: Refund Offers Explained
Tool Guides: OddsMatcher & Checklist #11 & Team Profit Weekend Blog

Racing Refund Offers
Average £50 Every Month

Offers Guide: Racing Refund Offers Explained & Saturday ITV Racing
Tool Guides: Checklist #13

Casino Offers
Average £50 Every Month

Offers Guide: Casino Bonus Guide
Tool Guides: Checklist #14

Getting Started & Routine Tips

Football Accumulators

Learning Football Accumulators does take a bit of time but once you've learnt them you're up and running every weekend!

I'd recommend starting with the Introduction to Football Accumulators guide.

To mention if you're looking for risk free profit you will need to use the Lay Sequential Lock In method. This does mean you need to lay off before 5 different football matches over the weekend, so if you're busy at weekends I would instead focus on the other below offer types as these don't have set time requirements!

Football Refunds
Tue & Wed, Sat & Sun

Football Refunds are a common way to boost your monthly earnings. They are not entirely risk free, you will make a small trigger bet loss usually of £1-£2 and only a small % time you will receive the free bet (or added cash). But over the course of a month you should make a tidy profit and they are quick to do too!

Football Refunds are best on the weekend's Premier League and also midweek (Tue & Wed) when there is either Premier League or Champions League. I'd recommend checking out Checklist #11 for details.

Racing Refunds
Saturday morning or afternoon

Racing Refunds are relatively straightforward, you back and lay a horse for a small qualifying loss and then hope it comes 2nd (or 2nd/3rd depending on the offer).

The £20 SkyBet 2nd or 3rd offer runs on the first race around 2pm every Saturday and gives a free bet if your horse comes 2nd or 3rd. This is well worth doing and if you have time, ideally in the afternoon inbetween races (or if not then 30 mins in the morning), then go for some of the 2nd place refunds or Bet365/Betfair free bet if your horse wins offer too. I'd recommend Liew's awesome Saturday ITV Racing guide for details.

Casino Offers
Any day

Casino Offers come in a wide range of risk. As you're aiming a consistent profit each month, I would suggest only going for the risk free and low risk offers (e.g. free spins, £10 money back if you lose) and avoid the larger wagering offers (e.g. deposit £20 get £20 but with a £400 wagering requirement).

Casino offers also can pop up at anytime, during the week or weekend, so you can just log in to OddsMonkey and see the offers currently available. I'd recommend checking out Checklist #14 for details of the best guides.

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