Team Profit Search Feature

Introducing the brand new on-site search functionality, providing you with the ability to search for anything you want on Team Profit.

Now if you want to quickly find something on but can't remember exactly where it is or if you want to see if we have any content on the topic you want, you just click the 'magnifying glass' icon on the top right of the menu and enter the page/term you want to find.

oddsmonkey review search

Desktop Search

Mobile Search

You are then shown a results page with the relevant pages and you can then simply choose the page you were looking for.

oddsmonkey search results

I've been working hard since the new year to really improve navigation around the site, as well as improving the guides themselves and the sidebar menu's within them. So the new search feature should really help even further with this!

The idea for the search feature actually stemmed from a live chat conversation with a Team Profit member, Gary R. He was asking for a guide he'd seen before, but couldn't find again on the site and when I linked him to it he suggested a simple search feature would make life easier. So I built one!

To be completely honest, I often forget where I put some guides - so I can fully understand what it can be for people that didn't build the site itself 😀

So yeah if you have any ideas to improve the site, please let me know and I may well be able to add it!