Hey Team!

team-profit-needs-you-blogTeam Profit has had an overwhelmingly positive response so far from people (thanks!) and I'd love it if the site could reach more people all across the UK and Ireland to help them earn some extra cash.

In an attempt, I'm currently reaching out to bloggers/forum mods and influencers, asking them to use the site in a hope that they will write (positive) reviews and mentions in return.

Which got me thinking; do any of the current team members have blogs or know people with blogs and if so, would you be keen to help with my plea?

This could include:

  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Facebook groups or pages
  • Large Twitter, Instagram or YouTube following


If not any kind of spamming you can do to spread the word for Team Profit and help others take advantage of the greedy bookmakers, would be awesome:

  • Posting on your social media
  • Commenting on forum conversations
  • Commenting on relevant blog posts
  • Commenting on YouTube
  • Anything 😀


Thanks again for the kind feedback on how much you've been making from matched betting, it's what helps me keep going!