"I'm No Mug" Team Profit Mug.

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Have you ever been sat there enjoying taking money from bookmakers with Team Profit, whilst enjoying a cup of delicious warm Tea/Coffee and thought, "I wish this mug was a Team Profit one?"....if the answer is "GOD YES!", you're in luck!

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Price: £9.99

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Arguably the hottest item of swag available on the matched betting market right now (also potentially the only item).

Back by popular demand - the "I'm No Mug" Mug, to smugly sip from whilst smashing the bookmakers! Feedback would suggest these mugs make the hot drink consumed taste even nicer*

So buy a mug for £9.99 and get an awesome mug to use when matched betting 😀

*disclaimer: this was based on a survey of one, myself, and cannot be scientifically proven.