Team Casino Update - January 2020

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In this post, you will find all the handy information to help you make ££ profit from low risk casino offers, including the latest Team Casino updates.
Team Casino is dedicated to making low risk casino offers simpler, more profitable and time efficient for you than ever before! This is designed for absolutely everybody, from a complete casino newbie to the casino regular.
Currently there are:
  •  94 casino welcome offers worth £1,089 expected profit (EV)
  • Reloads offers worth £150+ EV every week

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There is also lots of information in this post about the service, but please do contact us if you have any additional questions!

Latest Product Updates

December was a very busy month here at Team Casino HQ with some exciting new announcements including:
  • Launching a Slots Database. This allows you to find the highest RTP slots on over 100 casinos, and you can search for slots to find vital information such as the RTP, minimum spin size, and whether there is turbo mode. We have currently added over 300 popular slots to the database, with lots more to come very soon. Find out more.

  • Adding a balance tracker. Given you might have over 50 different casino and bookmaker accounts, keeping track of your bankroll is really important. How many times have you forgotten about money you had in an account? Or wished you had made a withdrawal sooner to put your bankroll towards other offers? Our new balance tracker makes it easier than ever to keep track of your money. Find Out More.

  • Updating Our Offer Layout. This makes the instructions for every offer as clear, consistent and concise as possible. Every offer is broken up into easily digestible steps, which are colour coded and titled to make it simple and logical to progress through the offer instructions.  Find Out More.

  • Giveway. A number of lucky winners got their hands on Amazon Vouchers and Team Casino mugs as part of our monthly giveaway.

The new features perfectly complement the existing features on Team Casino, which include comprehensive offers lists, a built-in Profit Tracker, EV Calculator, Gubbed Filter and much more!  We’re working on a number of exciting new features this month, with further announcements to follow soon!

Team Casino Facebook Group!

As well as access to a number of amazing features on our website, membership to Team Casino gives you access to our amazing Facebook Community! Available exclusively to members, this is the perfect place to ask questions, share your progress, and discuss all things casino related with your fellow casino offer smashers! We do a daily reload offers discussion post, Q&As, and regular giveaways.

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We know that you will regularly have questions, particularly when new to casino offers, and so we have put in place an amazing support network for our members. We are online from about 9AM-9PM each day to answer emails and provide help on live chat, and believe that the support that we offer is second to none! Furthermore, our Facebook Group has in excess of 1,500 members, making it an amazing place to ask questions and discuss offers with other members.

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You can get full access to all of the amazing Team Casino features, and the member’s Facebook Group, through our 7 day trial, for just £1! Over 2,000 people have now done the Team Casino trial, and we are excited for you to do the same! Plus, we’re so confident that you’ll like Team Casino, that we are offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If, within your first 30 days, you decide Team Casino is not for you, then you can contact us for a full refund!

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