Welcome to our new series, Tales of a Newb!

A place where noble newbies share their experiences so far, in the big wide world of matched betting. We hope that it will shed some light to those yet to start and give you an idea of what lays ahead.

(Definition of newb: someone new and inexperienced to a particular activity - in this case, matched betting)

This week we start off with our first chosen newb, Michelle. Here's her tale thus far:

Who, Where and What?

Hi! I'm Michelle, from Lancashire and I’m currently a stay at home mum.

How did you find Matched Betting?

My husband text me one afternoon saying ‘you know you wanted to make some money working part time? Have you looked at matched betting?’

I had never heard of it but googled it and it looked very interesting, I lost the rest of the day reading about it on Team Profit haha!

What has been your experience so far?

After the initial enthusiasm I felt a bit like it was too much to take in, mainly because every time I saw a word or term that I hadn’t seen before I was looking it up and filling my head with randomness.

I decided to go for it anyway and did my first sign up a few days ago, the step by step videos and guides got me through it, I thought it was going to be dead easy from this point on, then I saw more new words, people on groups talking about boosts, spins, accas... I honestly thought I am not going to be able to learn all this.

I could either quit before I’d even started or I could do it properly, I did it properly. I went right back to the beginning of the guides, videos and watched every one and clicked on every highlighted blue word making notes so that I felt it had sunk in.

(That’s my biggest bit of advice to anyone thinking about it, don’t skip past any guide, they are fantastic, easy to follow and tell you EVERYTHING)

How Are The Sign Ups Going?

I’ve done 6 sign ups so far (including coral, William hill and Skybet to name a few) and my profit on the spreadsheet is showing £110. I think that’s great for a first week!

I've stuck to bet x get y offers to get confident doing those before moving on to other offers otherwise I'll get a bit lost, but been following all the posts on the Team Profit Facebook page for info and advice for the next steps.

When I see something new mentioned I go to the website and have a read about it, sort of preparing my brain for taking the plunge. I'm getting into the routine of checking emails first thing and writing offers in a book then scoring them off when I do them later on.

I do my reading during the day when I've got the house to myself and make notes, it helps it sink in for me.

Loving the journey so far with the help and advice from the Team Profit team and community and it's only going to get easier.

Do You Have a Target?

I want to make at least £500 a month to help towards the bills and get a pot of savings for Christmas. This is now the ‘part time job’ that I wanted during school hours. I am going to follow the Team Profit reload guide next week and plan how I will achieve it.

Struggled with anything so far?

I would say that I struggled a bit with thinking I needed to know more than I actually did. All you really need is a pen and paper to write down what you have done and where, then you can put it in the spreadsheet without flitting from tab to tab and to take one step at a time.

Making only £10 profit in a week by taking your time is better than having no profit and a huge headache!

Any Advice For Fellow Newbs?
  • Set up a separate account so you know exactly how much is going where.
  • Set up a new email address so you don’t get mixed up with usual emails and miss out on an offer.
  • Write a checklist and tick each step off like in the video guides, it will all click in to place.
  • Celebrate each little profit with a brew and a biscuit!