Starting With £25 Guide

Follow This Plan To Turn £25 Into £1,000 In 3 Months!


Note if you can start with £100, then it will only take 2 months to reach £1,000 as shown in Starting With £100. Check out the Which Plan Should I Follow for a comparison of the plans.

This plan is written by the resident matched betting expert, Jon, who is available on Live Help 7 days a week and in the free (and awesome!) Facebook Group should you need any help.

Let's cover the FAQs first:

The Week By Week Plan provides you with 3 Welcome Offers to complete each week. Each Welcome Offer may initially take up to 40 minutes (2 hours/week), but once you are familiar with completing Welcome Offers it can take as little as 20 minutes (1 hour/week). It will take 1 working day for the bookmaker to process your withdrawal, therefore complete the Welcome Offers on different working days (Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri-Sun).
You can start making profit today. In your first week, you will make £25 profit. From the second week onwards, you will make between £26 to £100 each depending on the advised Welcome Offers. Easy money!
No problem! We have split up the Welcome Offers into a Week By Week Plan to help members make the most amount of profit in a set timeframe. If you take a week on holiday or can only do 1 offer in a week, don't worry, we just advise keeping to the week by week order of the Welcome Offers.
Again no problem! Just skip their Welcome Offer and move on to the next Welcome Offer. You can always keep an eye out on Daily Offers by signing up to OddsMonkey for offers for accounts you already have.
Our job is to make you money! Jon and Sarah are available on Live Help, 7 days a week. Should they be offline at any point, just leave a message and they will reply within 24 hours (usually much sooner).
Yes! If you have more funds to invest initially into matched betting, you can complete more Welcome Offers at the same time.

We are showing with the Week By Week Plan that you can start from as little as £25 and still make £1,000 within 3 months from matched betting. You can turn £100 into £1,000 in 2 months by following the Starting With £100 plan.

Yes! Check out the Team Profit matched betting spreadsheet which has received very good feedback.

You do not have to use it, but some people like to use it to automatically track profit, balances and more!

Let's Make Some Money! Week By Week Plan - Week 1

First things first, you will need to understand how we do matched betting - start with the Perfect Introduction and then the Video Guides.

For your first week, sign up to Betfair and deposit £20, then complete the Coral, SkyBet and William Hill welcome offers to make £39 profit. Simply click on the Guide buttons in the table below for each offer.

Note: To keep your Betfair Exchange liability below £20 whilst still making £9+ profit, choose odds of between 2.0 and 2.5 for Coral £20 free bet and William Hill £30 free bet. You can choose odds of 2.5 to 3.0 for SkyBet.

Bookmaker Bookmaker Deposit Betfair Balance Required Your Guide Your Profit
Coral £5* £20
Coral Guide
Skybet £5 £29
SkyBet Guide
William Hill £10 £40
Will Hill Guide

*Note: Coral minimum deposit is £5 with a bank card or £10 with Paypal.

You will now have made £39 profit. Easy money!

Week By Week Plan - Week 2 (£23 Profit!)

In Week 2 complete the Stan James Bet £10 Get £20, SunBets Bet £10 Get £10 and ComeOn Bet £10 Get £10 offers.

These will help you to build up your profits ahead of completing the larger Bet £10 Get £30 offers in Weeks 3 and 4!

Note you will now be able to gradually increase the odds for your free bet as your Betfair Exchange account increases. If your bookmaker bets have been winning, always withdraw the balance once the offer is complete and deposit the winnings in Betfair.

Bookmaker Bookmaker Deposit Betfair Balance Required Your Guide Your Profit
Stan James £10 £30
Stan James Guide
£10 £20
SunBets Guide
comeon logo £10 £20
ComeOn Guide

Week By Week Plan - Week 3 (£59 Profit!)

Big profit to be made in Week 3, with Bet £10 Get £30 offers from Betfred and Paddy Power plus £10 Get £20 from Betstars. Before completing the Paddy Power offer, sign up and complete the Smarkets offer due to Paddy Power's merger with Betfair.

Bookmaker Bookmaker Deposit Betfair Balance Required Your Guide Your Profit
betstars logo £10 £36
BetStars Guide
Betfred £10 £28
Betfred Guide
Smarkets £10
Smarkets Guide
Paddy Power £10 £36
Paddy Power Guide

Week By Week Plan - Week 4 (£66 Profit!)

This week complete more of the large Bet £X Get £Y offers with 188Bet Bet £10 Get £30, BetVictor Bet £10 Get £30 and Ladbrokes Bet £50 Get £50. Ladbrokes is huge value at Bet £50 Get £50 so by this stage you should have a significant Betfair balance to take on this offer!

Bookmaker Bookmaker Deposit Betfair Balance Required Your Guide Your Profit
188bet £10 £35
188 Bet Guide
 Betvictor £10 £35
BetVictor Guide
Ladbrokes £50 £100*
Ladbrokes Guide

*You could complete the Ladbrokes Bet £50 Get £50 with a smaller exchange balance. The benefit of having £100 when using your £50 free bet is that you can use odds of around 3.5 for £30+ profit!

Week By Week Plan - Week 5 (£32 Profit!)

We will have reached up to £150 in profit by now!

The offers in Week 5 and 6 are slightly different to Weeks 1 to 4. The next offers are 'Refund', meaning we only receive a free bet if our first bet loses. We will also be signing up to the additional Exchanges to take advantage of these offers:As always, the steps are explained in each bookmaker guide.

For this week, complete the Genting, Ladbrokes Exchange and ToteSport.

Bookmaker Bookmaker Deposit Betfair Balance Required Your Guide Your Profit
Genting £10 £45
Genting Guide
Ladbrokes Exchange £10 £45
Ladbrokes Exchange Guide
Totesport £25 £115
ToteSport Guide

Week By Week Plan - Week 6 (£80 Profit!)

Week 6 is similar to Week 5 but this time we are completing some of the larger refund offers, Unibet, Dafabet and BetBright.

Bookmaker Bookmaker Deposit Betfair Balance Required Your Guide Your Profit
Unibet £30 £135
Unibet Guide
Dafabet £30 £135
Dafabet Guide
BetBright £50 £225
BetBright Guide

Week By Week Plan - Week 7 (£52 Profit!)

In Week 7 we complete the remaining Bet X Get Y and Refund offers so we have the maximum profit before starting the highly profitable bonus/multi bet offers!

Bookmaker Bookmaker Deposit Betfair Balance Required Your Guide Your Profit
boylesports logo £10 £100
BoyleSports Guide
£20 £80
MarathonBet Guide
£10 £50
888 Guide

Week By Week Plan - Week 8 and 9 (£111 Profit!)

Week 9 is where the incredibly generous Bet365 alongside Bwin and Betway offers begins! Sign up to Betdaq as you will complete this offer whilst completing the Bet365 and Betway offer.

Take your time to read the Bet365 offer to ensure you understand it. By this stage you should be approaching £350 in total funds, meaning you can take the £50 bonus. If your funds are larger, take up a larger bonus, as explained in the guide.

Bookmaker Bookmaker Deposit Betfair Balance Required Your Guide Your Profit
Bwin £20 £140
Bwin Guide
BetDAQ £25 N/A
Betdaq Guide
bet365 (Desktop/Laptop) £60 £250
Bet365 Guide
Betway £50 £350
Betway Guide

Week By Week Plan - Week 10 to Week 13

Firstly, a huge congratulations on your progress so far. You will be sitting on almost £500 profit from your first 10 weeks and now be very familiar with matched betting and have accounts with all the bookmakers.

In your final 3 weeks, there are lots of ways to make more profit:

Aim to make £120 profit per week from these additional ways to hit £1,000 total profit!

End Of Week 13 - Summary

A HUGE congratulations on turning your £25 into £1,000. It will have required your time and effort but we are sure you agree it has been well worth it.

What next? Simple. More risk free money! Continue with Weekly Offers with OddsMonkey every week and keep growing your funds. In the months to come you'll surpass £2,000, £5,000 and in time £10,000. We will be with you every step of the way.