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Casino Welcome Offers with Stakr.co.uk

In this guide, you will learn how you can make an expected £1,500 profit risk free from Casino Welcome Offers with Stakr.co.uk.

It works out for you an average of £40 profit per hour and all you need is 4 spare hours a week!

Stakr.co.uk is run by a team of casino offer specialists alongside Chris, Dan, Buschra and Tom from Team Profit so there plenty of support and tips for you.

There's a friendly Facebook Group too similar to the Team Profit Facebook Group, please read on for details!


There are 90 trustworthy online casinos that provide big deposit Welcome Offers.

Example Big Deposit Casino Offer

A typical offer will be a 100% matched deposit bonus up to £100 (with 25x wagering).

So you deposit £100, receive a £100 bonus, meaning you have a total £200 balance. However, in order to withdraw your balance and winnings, you need to wager £5,000 (being 25 x £200).

Many people think this is a loss making offer. This is because slots have a 96% return to player, meaning you would usually lose £200 from this offer (4% x £5,000) wiping out both your deposit and your bonus.

However, we can set the odds in our favour by choosing high volatility slots with high wagering per spin. This means we either bust out quickly before completing the wagering or make a big payout from a bonus round that is sufficient to comfortably cover the wagering and leave with a big profit.

By following this strategy, we will make £50 profit on average from a big deposit Casino Welcome Offer.

High Variance

The off-putting part of big deposit Welcome Offers for matched betters is the very high variance.

By following the above 'bust out quickly or win big' strategy:

Welcome Offer Outcomes

  • 85% of the time you will bust out, losing your £100 deposit. So from the 90 welcome offers, you would expect to lose your £100 deposit for for 76 welcome offers, for a total £7.6k in losses.
  • 15% of the time you will win, usually winning £500 to £1,500. So from the 90 welcome offers, you will win on average £900 from the 14 welcome offers, for a total £12.6k in winnings.

So overall, this gives a healthy profit of around £5k from the 90 welcome offers (£12.6k in winnings less £7.6k in losses), very nice!

The big problem is that the swings in slots are very large, meaning across 90 welcome offers you could still end out many thousands of pounds down - big ouch!

Also, the other big problem is knowing which slots are the best to choose on every casino and which key terms to look out for (e.g. max bet per spin).

This is where Stakr.net come in!

Opportunity With Stakr

Stakr are a team of casino offer specialists with extensive knowledge of the casino, slots and key terms. We have met them in-person and discussed this at length with them to make sure they are a good team for us to recommend to Team Profit members.

Having made substantial amounts in casino offers themselves, they are offering to stake Team Profit members for the full £9k worth of deposits for the 90 Welcome Offers.

To ensure this is completely risk free for you:

Your Payouts

  • Losing Welcome Offers - The loss is fully covered by Stakr, you do not pay a penny.

  • Winning Welcome Offers - You keep 12% of the return (deposit + winnings) whilst sending the remainder to Stakr.

By receiving 12% of the returns from the winning Welcome Offers, you will receive approximately 12% of the £12.6k in winnings + £1.4k of deposits from your 14 Welcome Offers. This is 12% x £14k = £1,680 expected profit for you.

A few things to mention related to your expected profit amount:

  • Due to the high variance of slots, your profit could be quite a lot lower (e.g. £500) or quite a lot higher (e.g. £3,000).
  • Some offers will have slightly different profit share %s and deposit £ amounts. But overall 12% profit share with a £100 deposit is an average offer.
  • Absolutely no way you can lose any money, Stakr cover all losses and provide you with the deposit money upfront.
Time Required / Hourly Rate

In terms of how this works in practical terms, Stakr sends you £100 for a Welcome Offers  alongside the key details (max bet per spin and slot to play).

You can typically complete 2 to 3 offers per hour. Most of the time you will bust quickly (less than 15 minutes to register, deposit and wager) whereas when you win big it will take longer to complete the wagering, but you then are going to make a big profit!

Hourly Rate

Each Welcome Offer has an expected profit to you of £18 (£1,680 / 90 offers) so this is an expected hourly rate of around £40/hr based on 2 to 3 offers per hour.Please note once you are comfortable with completing offers, you can complete two offers simultaneously (having the slots both playing at the same time) to increase your hourly rate.

10 Offers A Week

Please note you will need to complete around 10 offers a week! As you can imagine it does take a lot of admin time for the Stakr team to check all the terms, update offers, track winnings, provide live help 12 hours, 7 days a week and more.

So for this reason, Stakr are looking to stake people who will grab this opportunity and complete offers at a reasonable rate! Completing 10 offers (or more as you wish) a week will take you around 4 hours a week. You can break it into different days no problem and if you have a week holiday for example, again no problem!


To ensure this is legal, Stakr will only provide you with the funds and the key information (which slot, max bet per spin). You need to set up your account and complete the offers yourself.

If Stakr were to set up your accounts and/or complete the offers, then this would be fraudulent (as they are posing as someone else), which is why you will need to do this.

The reason we are running this partnership on an invite only basis with Team Profit members, is that understandly Stakr would prefer us to only recommend this to Team Profit members with a sufficient level of matched betting experience who will be able to grasp the concept of big deposit casino offers.

Questions / Next Steps

If you have any questions about Stakr or how this works, please do ask Chris or Buschra on Facebook, email [email protected] or on Live Help!

If you're interested in getting up and running with Stakr, please register on www.Stakr.co.uk. You'll be verified quickly and you'll then be able to read through the 'getting started' guide and decide if this is for you!