Hey Team,

It is a great time to start matched betting. SkyBet have just changed their Welcome Offer to £10 free bet...no deposit required!

This means it is now possible to start matched betting with just £8 in your Betfair account, as outlined in the 'Starting with £8' plan.

To help you profit from your first offer, SkyBet, I have written the below guide on how to make £3.52 profit risk free. All you need to do is deposit £8 into Betfair and place the 2 bets listed below.

Complete the offer before 4pm Sunday 10th December otherwise the selected game will have kicked offer!

SkyBet No Deposit Offer Step By Step Guide
Step 1) Sign Up to SkyBet and Betfair

To make your £3.52 profit risk free, firstly click the links below to set up your two accounts:

Click here to sign up to Betfair
Sign up to Skybet
PS. Please make sure you use the Betfair link - find out why here.

Once you have registered with SkyBet, log out and log back in and your free bet will be added.

skybet free bet

Step 2) Place Your SkyBet No Deposit £10 Free Bet

Place your £10 free bet on Southampton to win against Middlesbrough. At the time of writing the odds are 5/8 (1.62 in decimal odds).

Click here to go directly to the market and place your £10 free bet.

Place your SkyBet £10 free bet
Step 3) Place Your Betfair £3.71 Lay Bet

To calculate the lay stake for the Betfair lay bet, I have used the calculator by entering:

  • Bet Type: Free Bet SNR
  • Stake: 10
  • Back Odds: 1.62
  • Lay Odds: 1.72

Which tells me to place a £3.71 lay bet on Betfair Exchange. This has a liability of £2.67.

Click here to go directly to and place your £3.71 lay bet. To do this, just click the pink box with the 1.72 lay odds and then enter £3.71 as the backer's stake.

Place your Betfair £3.71 lay bet
Offer Complete - Congratulations you have made £3.52 profit risk free!

Let's explain exactly how you have now made £3.52 profit risk free:

If Southampton win
On Skybet, you win £6.20 from your £10 free bet.
On Betfair, you lose your £2.67 liability from your £4 lay bet.
This is a net profit of £3.53.

If Southampton draw or lose
On Skybet, you lose £0 as it is a free bet.
On Betfair, you win your £3.71 lay bet which is £3.52 profit given the 5% commission.
This is a net profit of £3.52.

Note, if Southampton win, your SkyBet balance will be £6.20 but to withdraw you need to have a £10 minimum balance. So if you have £5 in your bank account, simply deposit this then withdraw the £11.20. If you don't, then just withdraw £5 from Betfair account and use this to deposit into SkyBet!

Any Questions?

Here to help! Please let me know via Live Help or the Team Profit Facebook Group.