Calling all Palace fans - Make £6 profit risk free in under 20 minutes with this guide! This is very easy to do, simply sign up to SkyBet and benefit from their £10 free bet (no deposit required).

Skybet are one of the UK's leading online bookmakers given their huge brand awareness as part of the Sky TV Group.

SkyBet £10 Free Bet (No Deposit Required!) Summary
  • Free bet: £10
  • Profit risk free: £6
  • Full terms: Click here
Sign Up To Betfair and Skybet

Sign up to Betfair and SkyBet using the links below. You do not need to deposit into Skybet whilst you only need to deposit £15 into Betfair.

PS. Please make sure you use the Betfair link - find out why here.

Once you have registered with SkyBet, log out and log back in and your free bet will be added.

skybet free bet

Place Your SkyBet £10 Free Bet on Crystal Palace to beat Watford

SkyBet market: click here

Crystal Palace's odds are 21/10 (or 3.1 in decimal odds). Don't worry if the odds have changed a bit.


Click on Crystal Palace, then open up the betslip at the bottom, click 'use the £10 free bet' and the 'place bet'.

Place Your Betfair Exchange £6.50 Bet on Crystal Palace NOT to beat Watford

Betfair market: click here

This is known as a 'lay bet' which you can place on the Betfair exchange. You can place a lay bet on Crystal Place at odds of 3.3. Don't worry if the odds have changed a bit.


Click on the pink box to the right of C Palace. This will load up the betslip on the right hand side. Enter 6.50 as the Backer's stake:


Then click 'Place  bets' then confirm the bet.

Congratulations - £6 Risk Free Profit!

If Palace win, your SkyBet £10 free bet wins £21 but you lose £14.95 on Betfair Exchange (the liability) for a net profit of £6.05.

If Palace draw or lose, your SkyBet £10 free bet loses, which costs you nothing, but you win £6.18 on Betfair Exchange (the £6.50 lay stake less their 5% commission) for a net profit of £6.18.

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