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SkyBet Welcome Offer

£10 Free Bet Worth £3.59 Profit (Starting With £8)

The SkyBet Welcome Offer is a brilliant first Welcome Offer for you.

You do not even need to make a deposit on SkyBet, they give you a £10 free bet just for signing up!

By placing this £10 free bet on Manchester United and then placing a £3.78 lay bet on Betfair Exchange, you will guarantee a £3.59 profit risk free.

The only deposit you need to make is an £8 deposit into Betfair Exchange, don't worry this is never at risk.

Let's crack on with the step by step guide!

Sign Up To Betfair & Skybet

Sign up to Betfair Exchange and SkyBet by clicking on the below buttons:

Betfair sign up
Sign up to Betfair
skybet sign up
Sign up to Skybet

The only deposit you need to make is £8 into Betfair Exchange. I recommend using a debit bank card to avoid any fees, alternatively you can use a credit card (1.5% fee) or Paypal (2% fee).

Step 1: Place Your SkyBet £10 Free Bet
a) Locate your SkyBet free bet 

Once you have registered with SkyBet, log out and log back in and your £10 free bet will be added.

skybet free bet

b) Change SkyBet Odds To Decimal Odds

When matched betting it is always best to change the odds to decimal odds on the website.

To do this on Skybet, simply click My Account (top right),  Edit Account Details (bottom of menu), Odds Format then select Decimal in the dropdown:

skybet decimal

c) Head To Newcastle vs Aston Villa

Click here to the Newcastle vs Aston Villa market. Then click on 1.62 next to Newcastle:

If the odds have changed from 1.62, don't worry, just click the number!

d) Place Your £10 Free Bet

Open your betslip by clicking Open on the bottom of the website:

From here, just click the orange 'Use Free Bet' then Place Bet:

Step 2: Place Your Betfair Exchange £3.78 Lay Bet
a) Head To Newcastle vs Aston Villa

Click here to the Newcastle vs Aston VIlla market. Then click on the pink 1.69 next to Newcastle:

If the odds have changed from 1.69, don't worry, just click the number!

b) Place Your £3.78 Lay Bet

Enter #3.78 into the Backer's stake:

This will show a liability of £2.61. Again don't worry if the liability is a little different.

The way I calculated the lay stake stake is to enter use 'Free Bet SNR' mode in the calculator. Then enter back stake 5, back odds 1.62 and back odds 1.69.

Where Your Money Goes?
Skybet Total
If Newcastle Win £6.20 -£2.61 £3.59
If Newcastle Draw or Lose £0.00 £3.59 £3.59

To explain the above table:

If Newcastle win, then I win £6.20 on SkyBet from my £10 free bet, but lose my liability of £2.61 on Betfair Exchange for a net profit of £3.59.

If Newcastle draw or lose, then I lose £0 on SkyBet as it my free bet, but win £3.59 on Betfair Exchange (I win £3.78 lay stake less 19p commission on my winning bet) for a net profit of £3.59.

Note if Newcastle win, you will have £6.20 in your SkyBet account. To withdraw this, you need to have a minimum balance of £10. So simply deposit £5 then withdraw £11.20.

Congratulations - you just made £3.59 risk-free profit!

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Got Questions?

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