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Sky Bet Super 6

Free Entry To Win £250,000 With Sky Bet Super 6 Every Week


This may not strictly be matched betting, however, you cannot get more risk-free than the Sky Bet Super 6 promotion.

It is completely free to enter (all you need is a Sky Bet account) for a chance to win £250,000 every single week!

You simply predict the scores for 6 football matches and if they're all correct you win £250,000 and if you don't predict all 6, but still predict more than anyone else you win £5,000.

Key Terms
  • Cost to enter: £0
  • Qualifying period: Monday 00:01 to Saturday 14:59
  • Prize: £5,000 to £250,000
  • Opt in: Entry submission required
  • Promotion termsClick here


Step By Step Guide
Step 1 Click To Play

Play via this SkyBet page:

sky bet super 6

 Step 2 Submit Your Predictions

Next you will be presented with this page, where you must submit your Sky Bet Super 6 score predictions for the chosen matches.

super 6 predictions

Toggle the scores up and down to select the score prediction you want.

Minute of the first goal

At the bottom you will see the number '1' in the 'Minute of the first goal' box, you need to change this to which minute you think the first goal will be score. This is used to determine a winner in the case of a tie.

Don't know anything about football? 

Not a problem as there is a lot of helpful information on the page to help you make sensible predictions.

Stats - the stats tab on each match will show you what everyone else has gone for in %s, so you can choose the winner and then make up a score for it, but don't go crazy with 5-0 scorelines (usually no more than 2 or 3 goals in each match total).

Below are the stats for Stoke (STO) vs Manchester United (MNU) - clearly with 82% of predictions it's best to go for Manchester United to win this (score perhaps 2-0)


Pundits - in the pundits section you will see the predictions the country's top pundits have made, keep yours close to these and you can't go too wrong

 Step 3 Click Submit And Cross Your Fingers 

If anyone does bag a prize from this, please get in touch and let me know - I'd love it!

Got Questions?

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Email [email protected] - I try to respond to all emails within 24 hours with full answers

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