Sky Bet 2nd or 3rd Refund

Every Saturday, and every popular horse racing festival, Skybet run a “Money Back If 2nd Or 3rd” (sometimes even 4th!) promotion on the first race of the day. If you place a bet on a horse and if it finishes 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or however many places they say, you’ll get your stake back as cash, up to £10.

Paddypower also run this offer however they seem to pick random races, and aren't as frequent as Skybet.

Key Terms
  • Max Payout: £10
  • Minimum stake: £5
  • Maximum stake: £10
  • Cash: Stake returned as cash within 24 hours of your horse finishing 2nd or 3rd
Offer Strategy

Back £10 on a strong favourite horse (low odds) which close odds to the exchange.

Lay your chosen horse using Normal in the calculator.

By choosing a lower odds horse, it is more likely to finish 2nd or 3rd.

A horse with odds of 8.0 might be unlikely to finish 2nd or 3rd, however, a horse with odds of 3.0 or 4.0 might be more likely to finish 2nd or 3rd, which would give us a refund. 

Try to get a qualifying loss of less than £1 to maximise your expected value from this offer.

If your horse finishes 2nd or 3rd (or in however many places stated), you’ll get your stake back as cash within 24 hours.

How Often Will My Horse Finish 2nd or 3rd?

To calculate the chances of your horse finishing 2nd or 3rd (to get the cash reward), you can check out this page here.

The best horses to place your bet on are horses with odds between 2.0 and 6.0. If a horse has odds from 2.0 to 6.0, it will have a 30% chance of finishing 2nd or 3rd, which will give us our refund.

Based on this, you’ll have an average of 30% * £10 = £2 cash for every time you take this offer.  If you had a 50p qualifying loss, this would mean that your expected profit for this offer is £1.50.

Now, sometimes the offer is up to £20. So if you placed the bets everytime that amount came around, you'd be making £3 on average for literally a minute's work!

Matched Betting Example

Skybet are running their Money Back if 2nd or 3rd promotion on the 1:50 Royal Ascot. Cardsharp is the favourite, with back odds of 2.5 and lay odds of 2.6. Hold Sway is the 2nd favourite, with odds of 4.5 and lay odds of 4.8. Melodic Motion is the 3rd favourite, with odds of 6.5 and lay odds of 7.2.

We choose Cardsharp because it is the clear favourite and it has the lowest qualifying loss of the 3 horses, which is £1.01. Cardsharp’s odds are also between 2.0 and 6.0, which gives it a 30% chance to finish 2nd or 3rd.

We place a £20 bet on Cardsharp, and lay it on the exchange on Normal mode on the calculator. The offer is usually £20 on festivals such as Ascot.

If Cardsharp finishes 2nd or 3rd, we’ll have our £20 refunded. 

Cardsharp has a 30% chance to end up 2nd or 3rd, so our expected profit here is (30% * 20) - £1.01 = £4.99.

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