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SkyBet Free Bet Club

Bet £25 Get £5 Free Bet Every Week

Simply bet £25 with SkyBet every week and in return you will get a £5 free bet every Monday.

You can bet on any sport with minimum odds 2.0 or higher. Rather than placing a £25 bet specifically for this offer, you can combine it with SkyBet's £25 Racing Refund offer.

This is an easy offer and should definitely be part of your weekly matched betting offers.

Key Terms
  • Expected profit: £2.50 profit risk free
  • Trigger bet: £25
  • Minimum odds: 2.0
  • Qualifying period: Monday 00:01 to Sunday 23:59
  • Free bet: £5
  • Free bet credited: Monday 19:00
  • Free bet expiry: The following Sunday 23:59
  • Opt in: Required
  • Promotion termsClick here
Step By Step Guide
Step 1 Opt In

Opt in on this SkyBet page:

skybet free bet club optin

 Step 2 Place Your Trigger Bet

Each week simply place £25 worth of bets at minimum odds 2.0 and lay off at the Exchange using the Calculator.

You will lose around 50p to £1 depending on the closeness of the odds between SkyBet and your Exchange.

Jon's Trigger Tip 1: Combine this offer with the SkyBet £25 Racing Refund offer. This means you don't need to place a separate trigger bet for the Free Bet Club.

Jon's Trigger Tip 2: If you are not completing the Racing Refund offer, then set up a SkyBet Club filter in the OddsMonkey OddsMatcher as explained here.

You can track your progress towards wagering £25 each week in the Sky Bet Club page:

skybet free bet qualified

 Step 3 Place Your Free Bet

You will receive a £5 free bet every Monday by 19:00. Bet the £5 on a team or horse with high odds to convert this to £3 to £4 profit.

The £5 free bet expires by the following Sunday.

If you fail to place £25 worth of bets for 2 consecutive weeks, you will be opted out. Simply click Opt In to re-join the Club.

Overall, you should be able to convert your £5 free bet to £3.50 cash profit, less the £1 trigger bet loss, for a net £2.50 profit risk free.

Got Questions?

There are 3 ways to ask for help with Team Profit:

Facebook Group - ask over 3,000 fellow matched bettors (including the Team!) any questions you may have. [Join The Group]

[email protected] - We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours with complete answers.

Live Chat - Chat with one of us any time we're online. See the chat module at the bottom right of site.