Refund If Horse Loses

Refund if your horse loses is the most profitable racing refund offer. Anytime a bookmaker runs this offer, definitely take them up!

How Do I Complete These Refund Offers?

You should complete these offers exactly the same as the Refund Welcome Offers that you have very likely completed. To recap, there are two methods:

Method 1: Back, Lay And Hope!

Simply back and lay a horse for a small trigger bet loss and hope it loses. By choosing a high odds horse, most of the time it will!

For a £10 bet, you should aim for a trigger bet loss no more than £1, ideally around 50p.

Pro Tip: When calculating your lay bet, use the 'Advanced' mode in the Calculator and use the 'underlay' amount. This will give you a slightly lower lay bet, so that if your horse does unfortunately win, you trigger bet loss will be zero! 

Method 2: Guaranteed Profit Method

This method involves using the OddsMonkey Equal Profit Calculator. This gives you a significantly smaller lay bet, so that even if your horse wins, you will still make a guranteed profit.

For more details on this method, please read the Guranteed Profit Method guide.

Using The OddsMonkey Racing Matcher

The Racing Matcher is very helpful for all racing refund offers. It gives you the horses with the lowest qualifying losses as well as providing direct links to the exchanges. Read the Racing Matcher guide for more detail!

How Much Profit Do I Make Per Offer?

The higher odds you choose, the more likely your first bet will lose and so you will receive the free bet! Note this will require a highly liability in your exchange:

£10 Trigger Bet Back Odds Exchange Liability % Chance of Losing (desirable)
2.0 £13 50%
3.0 £25 66%
4.0 £35 75%
5.0 £45 80%
6.0 £55 83%


If you choose odds of 5.0 for your £10 bet, then 80% of the time you will receive a £10 free bet refund.

This has an expected free bet of £8 (80% * £10). This is the equivalent of £6 expected profit (assuming you convert free bets to cash at 75%).

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