Preparing For Royal Ascot 2022

Josh Hughes
Matched Betting Expert

Royal Ascot is one of the largest horse racing festivals in the UK. It presents amazing opportunities for matched bettors!

There should be plenty of offers, including free bets, money back specials, price boosts and lots of ‘extra place races’.

In this guide, we’ll cover what to expect alongside our top tips to help you make the most of the week!

Festival Timetable

Royal Ascot starts on Tuesday 14th June 2022, and lasts 5 days until Saturday 18th June 2022.

Click on the toggles below to reveal each day's races.

14:30 Queen Anne Stakes – Highlight

15:05 Coventry Stakes

15:40 King's Stand Stakes – Highlight 

16:20 St James' Palace Stakes  – Highlight 

17:00 The Ascot Stakes

17:35 The Wolferton Stakes

18:10 Copper Horse Stakes

14:30 Queen Mary Stakes

15:05 Queen's Vase

15:40 Prince of Wales's Stakes - Highlight

16:20 Duke of Cambridge Stakes

17:00 Royal Hunt Cup

17:35 Windsor Castle Stakes

18:10 Kensington Palace Stakes

14:30 Norfolk Stakes

15:05 King George V Stakes

15:40 Riddlesdale Stakes

16:20 Ascot Gold Cup - Highlight 

17:00 Britannia Stakes

17:35 Hampton Court Stakes

18:10 Buckingham Palace Stakes

14:30 Albany Stakes

15:05 Commonwealth Cup - Highlight

15:40 Duke of Edinburgh Stakes

16:20 Coronation Stakes - Highlight

17:00 Sandringham Stakes

17:35 King Edward VII Stakes

18:10 Palace of Holyroodhouse Stakes

14:30 Chesham Stakes 

15:05 Jersey Stakes 

15:40 Hardwicke Stakes

16:20 Diamond Jubilee Stakes - Highlight

17:00 Wokingham Stakes

17:35 Golden Gates Stakes

18:10 Queen Alexandra Stakes

As you can see, racing starts at 14:30 each day and races are then spaced out every 35-40 minutes until 18:10.

There is usually a 'Feature Race' each day which will usually have the best offers focused upon it.

Where possible, we would recommend waiting until the day of the races to place your bets.

The best odds are often available close to the race start time, but the odds become very volatile close to the off. Bear this in mind if trying to place any bets in the final 10-15 minutes before a race. The odds will change lots!

Have Your Bankroll Ready

You know the saying: 'it takes money to make money'.

Matched Betting is no different. We need money available to complete the offers and make profit. Have as much money as possible available so that you can maximise the number of offers you complete.

You may want to leave money in the main bookies, like Paddypower, Skybet, Unibet and Bet365. There is a good chance you'll need it for the festival. But, it could be a good idea to withdraw from some of the smaller bookies and casinos so it's ready to go if you need it.

You should also have a large chunk of your bankroll in the betting exchanges so that you can lay off all your bets.

Have All Bookie Accounts Open

Are there any welcome offers that you've been putting off?  Have you completed all the offers in our welcome offers list?

If not, take this opportunity to do so! This will allow you to take advantage of a wider range of offers available during Ascot.

Of course, avoid any offers with wagering requirements or multiple steps. But you could do any simpler ones.

Do Some Reading!

Even if you've never bet on horse racing before, it's not too late to prepare and make some money at Ascot! Take this opportunity to spend a little time reading up on horse racing offers, you won't regret it.

There's no need to worry. In simple terms, betting on horse racing is like matched betting on any other sport. If you bet on a horse at a bookie, you lay that same horse at an exchange. Just like you would if you were backing and laying Man Utd in a football match.

The main things to avoid as a beginner are placing any bets in the last 10 minutes before a race. And to avoid any each way bets (such as for extra places) until you fully understand them.

Horse Racing Guide

We've created a simple guide which explains how to bet on horse racing. Plus the different types of offers that you could profit from. We also cover some key terms that it's very important that you know.

So, if you're new to Matched Betting on horse racing, be sure to check out our guide: Horse Racing Offers Explained.

Combining Liabilities 

A challenge you might face is not having enough money in your exchange to complete all the offers available.

Combining liabilities is an amazing way to place many lay bets without needing loads of money in your exchange.

It will be ESSENTIAL at Ascot if you have a limited bankroll.

If you've never heard of it, then please check out our guide: Combining Liabilities.

Extra Places

Extra places is an advanced horse racing offer that runs daily.

It can be very profitable, but due to its advanced nature, we only recommend it to experienced matched bettors.

For more information on extra places, check out our guide: How To Make Money From Extra Place Offers.

Where To Find Offers

Team Profit

We update our Reload Offers page each morning to include a selection of the day's best offers.

We pick these offers for being quick and easy, with a high chance of making a profit.

You'll also often find offers shared by the 30,000+ members of our Facebook Group.


The offers listed on our reload offers page is a snapshot of all the offers available.

To keep up to date with all the offers during Ascot, use Outplayed.

Outplayed has a daily offers calendar. This shows you how to complete all the offers each day! It provides a real-time feed of all the reload offers (not only horse racing offers). You will find this invaluable for matched betting!

Outplayed provides a variety of other amazing tools. In particular, the Oddsmatcher is perfect for finding your horse racing trigger bets!

Grab your 7 day Outplayed trial here! 

Our Quick Tips

Check Your Emails + Texts

Team Profit and Outplayed only feature offers that are available to most members.

Sometimes bookies like to send out offers which are only available to certain customers. We call these 'invite offers'.

There could be lots of invite offers during Ascot. This makes it important that you keep an eye on your emails and texts throughout the festival.

Make A Plan

With so many offers at one time, it would be easy for you to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

You can avoid this by taking time the night before or in the morning to jot down the offers you intend to do.

This is where tools like Outplayed's Offers Calendar come in so handy. You can see all the offers that are available (and sort them by profitability). This will allow you to create a plan of exactly which offers you'll complete.

Enjoy It And Don't Compare Yourself To Others

It's easy to get stressed out or overwhelmed by everything that's going on during major events like Ascot. It's also easy to get frustrated if you see other members making more profit than you.

But please try not to. Relax and remember that Matched Betting should be an enjoyable way to make a few extra quid from home. Don't get stressed out, don't worry if you can't do every offer, and don't compare yourself to others.

Do the offers you are comfortable with, in the time that you have available, and enjoy however much profit you make.

Ask For Help If You Need It

As a member of Team Profit, you have access to our team of experts, plus the support of over 30,000 fellow Matched Bettors. Please, please, please ask for help if you need it!

We are here to answer your questions and help you make as much profit as possible!

Which brings me onto my next topic...

Where To Get Help

There are 2 great ways to get help with Team Profit during Ascot.

Facebook Group

Join our Facebook Group, home to over 35,000 Matched Bettors.

Daily Q&A post

Benefit from the combined knowledge of our expert support team and members!


Send your questions to: [email protected]

We aim to respond to all emails with detailed answers within 24 hours.

And Finally....

We just want to wish you a wonderful Royal Ascot Festival!

Get involved, enjoy it, and make a few quid along the way!