Pre-Season Checklist

To make the most out of the Premier League, you'll want to make sure you are signed up to every bookmaker possible. If you are missing any, then you could be missing out on some decent profit! Some of the lesser well known bookmakers will occasionally offer up a price boost that you can make a quick buck from, and some of them that sponsor a team might decide to run a promo on each game that club plays.

So... get yourself over to the Welcome Offer List and complete any sign up that you haven't done yet. Also, if you're an Oddsmonkey member then be sure to complete their extended list of bookmakers (if you're not, you can grab a £1 trial here, which will pay for itself with the extra bookmaker profit you'll be making).

You will also want to make sure you're signed up to all of the exchanges, in particular Smarkets and Matchbook. Smarkets are currently running a £10 risk free promo, and Matchbook are 0% if you sign up through us. Of course, if you are an Oddsmonkey member then you will also receive 0% commission on Smarkets when you integrate the two. It's best to mix it up and use both because the odds are sometimes better on one than the other, and all of these 0% deals will save you a lot.

"Is Oddsmonkey actually worth it?" I hear you ask? Well, yes. The offers posted alone, along with the price boost thread will pay for the membership ten-fold (well probably more like thirty-fold actually!). The 0% commission deal on Smarkets is a game changer too. You can only get this if you're an Oddsmonkey member, and it will save you a lot of money over time and is worth it for those who are smashing 2up!

Check out the links below to sign up to either if you haven't already!

Pre-Season Offers

Below is a list of the main pre-season offers. Most of these will tie up your funds until the end of the season (May 2020), and so there's a few strategies you can adopt.

  1. You could simply back & lay, and accept your funds will be tied up. This isn't ideal, but if you have the bank then why not?
  2. You can spread your liability. If you're betting on a top goalscorer, why not pick 2 or 3 different players across multiple bookmakers? That way, when you place your lay bets, it won't require the full liability amount as it shares it, meaning you'll have less money tied up until the end of the season. For more info on this method, check out our combining liability guide.
  3. Finally, you might opt to lay later, or not lay at all. Now, this is of course extremely risky and goes against the whole "matched betting" idea as you are not laying your bet. However it is acceptable to do this when the offers are such high value. It will save you having funds tied up for a long time, and you'll see an instant return as goals are scored. But, be warned, this is high risk, and I'd personally only do it for the highest value offers myself.

So, lets take a look at the offers!


Bet £20 Get £20
**Offer Now Expired**

See Instructions Below

Visit Offer

Before completing this offer you need to make sure you do three things (don't worry, they take no time at all):

  1. Sign up to Kwiff via this link
  2. Verify your account (pop on to their live chat, they will tell you exactly what to do and its usually instant). You MUST verify for this offer, or you may not receive the freebies
  3. Opt In to the offer by entering your email on this page here

Once you have done all of the above, you are good to go!

Follow these simple steps to complete the offer:

  1. Deposit £20 into Kwiff
  2. Bet £5 on the English Championship 2019/20 Winner
  3. Bet £5 on the English Premier League 2019/20 Top Goalscorer
  4. Bet £5 on the English Premier League 2019/20 Winner
  5. Bet £5 on the English Premier League 2019/20 To Finish Bottom market

You can choose to lay your bets, or treat them as advantage play as funds will be tied up for the whole season. Treating them as advantage play isn't too bad of a strategy here as you are going to receive pretty much the full value back from the freebies anyway, with a chance of also getting "kwiffed" (your odds getting super charged).

The Free Bets

The Free bets, otherwise known as "Surprise bets", will be issued by 8pm on Friday. These will be placed automatically for you so you won't be able to decide what to put them on. Simply log into your Kwiff account, check what they've been placed on, find the markets on the exchange and lay them in NORMAL mode on the calculator. Stakes are returned with winnings, so you should make a decent profit from them regardless of the odds.

Important Info
- Your account must be verified - you can do this by going on Kwiff live chat (question mark icon on top right of app)
- You must opt in by putting your email in on the promo page here
- Free bets will be placed automatically, and stakes are returned

Kwiff are offering a Bet 4 x £5, get 4 x £5 which must be done before 23:59 on Thursday. This offer is fantastic value and has been singled out because free bet stakes are returned with winnings. This means that if you place a bet of £5 at odds of 2.0 with the free bet, you will receive £10 back (as opposed to £5).

League Winner
available until Friday 13th September

Bet on league winner, Get paid out if they go 10 points clear
(No max stake. 10 points clear at
ANY point)

Visit Offer

League Winner - Man City
available until Friday

Bet £50 on Man City to win League, Get Paid out if leading on Monday 2nd September
(£50 max stake. Paid as cash if winning on 2nd Sept

Visit Offer

Top Goalscorer
available until 20:00 Friday

Bet £20 Get £5 Per Goal
(goals scored 9th Aug - 1st Sep only)

Visit Offer


Top Goalscorer
available until 20:00 Friday

Bet £10 Get £5 Per Goal
(goals scored 9th Aug - 1st Sep only)

Visit Offer


Top Goalscorer
available until 23:59 Thursday

Bet £10 Get £5 Free Bet
(Free bet to be used on any EPL match Fri 9 - Sun 11)

Visit Offer

Top Goalscorer
available until Friday 23rd August

Bet £25 Get £2 Per Goal
(goals scored before 1st Jan)

Visit Offer

Top Goalscorer
available until Thursday

Bet £20 Get £2 Per Goal
(goals scored all season)

Visit Offer

Paddy Power

Top Goalscorer
available until 20:00 Friday

Bet £10 Get £5 Free Bet
(Free bet to be used on any EPL match Sat 10 - Sun 11)

Visit Offer

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