Hey Everyone!

The Premier League is finally back! 🙌🙌

It officially kicks off this Friday night when Liverpool face off against Norwich City at 8pm. There will be plenty of offers available on the first weekend, and it can be an absolute gold mine thereafter, so make sure you are ready for it!

This page will have some helpful info & links to guides to ensure that you make the most out of this season, so read on!

Before you start... make sure you complete the Kwiff offer! It's only available until 23:59 Thursday and is worth around £15 for little effort, with the chance to make a lot more! Bets can be boosted at any point, so you could make £30, £50, or more! Instructions are below.


Bet £20 Get £20
available until 23:59 Thursday

See Instructions Below

Visit Offer

Before completing this offer you need to make sure you do three things (don't worry, they take no time at all):

  1. Sign up to Kwiff via this link
  2. Verify your account (pop on to their live chat, they will tell you exactly what to do and its usually instant). You MUST verify for this offer, or you may not receive the freebies
  3. Opt In to the offer by entering your email on this page here

Once you have done all of the above, you are good to go!

Follow these simple steps to complete the offer:

  1. Deposit £20 into Kwiff
  2. Bet £5 on the English Championship 2019/20 Winner
  3. Bet £5 on the English Premier League 2019/20 Top Goalscorer
  4. Bet £5 on the English Premier League 2019/20 Winner
  5. Bet £5 on the English Premier League 2019/20 To Finish Bottom market

You can choose to lay your bets, or treat them as advantage play as funds will be tied up for the whole season. Treating them as advantage play isn't too bad of a strategy here as you are going to receive pretty much the full value back from the freebies anyway, with a chance of also getting "kwiffed" (your odds getting super charged).

The Free Bets

The Free bets, otherwise known as "Surprise bets", will be issued by 8pm on Friday. These will be placed automatically for you so you won't be able to decide what to put them on. Simply log into your Kwiff account, check what they've been placed on, find the markets on the exchange and lay them in NORMAL mode on the calculator. Stakes are returned with winnings, so you should make a decent profit from them regardless of the odds.

Important Info
- Your account must be verified - you can do this by going on Kwiff live chat (question mark icon on top right of app)
- You must opt in by putting your email in on the promo page here
- Free bets will be placed automatically, and stakes are returned

Kwiff are offering a Bet 4 x £5, get 4 x £5 which must be done before 23:59 on Thursday. This offer is fantastic value and has been singled out because free bet stakes are returned with winnings. This means that if you place a bet of £5 at odds of 2.0 with the free bet, you will receive £10 back (as opposed to £5).

Pre-Season Checklist

Check out the pre-season sign up offers
Complete as many of these as possible. Funds will be tied up until the end of the season, but you can spread your bets therefore combining liability. Top goalscorer bets have been fantastic in the past, as you will regularly receive free bets almost every weekend.

Complete The Kwiff pre-season Offer
As explained above, this is a no brainer. Kwiff also have a weekly bet club which is high value if you can find close matches (Bet £1,000 get £100)

Complete any unfinished sign up offers
Price boosts are going to be huge this season. To make sure you're getting on as many as possible, you'll obviously need to open every bookmaker account possible. I'd recommend opening any ones you haven't over the first weekend. Make it your task for the weekend, and do it, otherwise they will keep getting put off. Two I'd recommend signing up to are Sportingbet (£7 profit) and Novibet (£15 profit). Sportingbet have fantastic reloads on the horses every weekend, and Novibet are a good one to get your Acca practice in.

Sign up to Novibet
Sign up to SportingBet

Sign up to Matchbook / Smarkets 
A must have. Without these you will be paying ludicrous amounts on commission

Get an Oddsmonkey Subscription
Goes without saying. Price boosts. Daily offer Calendar. Oddsmatcher. 0% Smarkets. Forum. Crazy amount of value for £17.99/month.

What To Expect

Offers. Offers. And MORE Offers! The Premier League can be extremely profitable, and this year more so with the introduction of more early payout offers. If you have accounts in good health, you will also be able to smash the price boosts as they've been good over the Summer, and for those who are pretty heavily restricted, you will still be able to get on a lot of boosts instore (Betfred are notorious for their in shop boosts!).

Midweek football will be pretty packed over the season so there should never really be any downtime, and you'll have plenty of chance to get on 2ups & boosts even if you're not around for the weekend!

What are the best offers?

2up (Bet365 & Paddy)
Offer guide - https://www.teamprofit.com/2up
Without a doubt one of the best offers to ever grace the Matched Betting world. With Bet365 there is no max payout, so you could theoretically win thousands. Paddypower still have their max cap, but we're happy to see them running it again nonetheless! Bet365 is available until end of August but likely to extend until the end of the season. Paddy until 1st Jan.

Golden Goal (William Hill)
Offer guide - https://www.teamprofit.com/william-hill-golden-goal
Perhaps the best offer by far. Much better value per £ bet than 2up as the offer triggers a lot more, and there is also a juicy lock in almost every time. The stakes have been lowered for the majority of customers but we can expect to see this offer to stay around for a while.

Other early payout(Skybet/Betway & possibly more)
Skybet trialled a Golden Goal equivalent at the end of last season and did max payout of £250. It was to a very select amount of customers but it's a good sign. Also, Betway are doing the exact same offer with a max stake of £20. More and more bookies are doing early payouts, so keep your eyes out. This could be the future of Matched Betting!

Bore Draw (Bet365)
Offer Guide - https://www.teamprofit.com/bet365-bore-draw
This offer is overlooked by many as it requires bets on correct score and half/time fulltime markets. However, when there is a good match, you could potentially make a decent profit.

Refund If Score/Win (Paddypower)
Offer Guide - https://www.teamprofit.com/paddy-power-money-back-win
Almost every weekend (and sometimes midweek) Paddy will offer £10 money back specials if X team wins, or if X player scores. The best value is when it's the team to win, and you can normally lock in around £3. For the player to score, lock in can be anything from £1 to £2. Or you could let it run and hope for the full £10 free bet reward!

Double Delight/ Hatrick Heaven (Betfred)
Offer Guide - https://www.teamprofit.com/betfred-ddhh
This offer has been around for years now and is still favoured by advanced Matched Bettors. Treat this offer as a long term investment, as it's not uncommon to go 10, 15, or even 20 games without a "boom". On a side note: if you are gubbed, you can still go to a Betfred shop and do this offer instore.

Opening weekend useful threads
Extra info & tips

Make use of the 2up Calendar 
We're currently working on a new calendar which will include most major sporting events that have decent offers, but will be predominantly used for 2up and Golden Goal alerts. It's not ready just yet, but will be very soon! In the mean time you can use the 2up thread linked above.

Open up a separate Matched Betting bank account
Click here to open Monzo
This is a must for anyone who is serious about Matched Betting. It will keep all of your funds separate and help you to track your profits. We recommend Monzo, as it's not your regular type of bank, and transactions won't appear on your normal bank's statements.

Refer a friend
This is literally the best time to start Matched Betting. Help a mate out by referring them. You'll get yourself £10 for doing so, and will be introducing them to a world of free dosh!

Got Questions?

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