Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts

You may or may not have already visited this here Team Profit blog and with over 50 posts since launching it a few months ago, I'd struggle to tell you everything you've already missed out on.
To make it easier for any members wanting to get the recent low down, I have put together a list of the five most popular and valuable blog posts I've published. See below and hope you enjoy:
profit tracker blog

This is number one on my list of most popular blog posts simply due to the sheer volume of requests I had for a profit tracker/spreadsheet from Team Profit users. So I put together this spreadsheet in the simplest, yet most effective way possible (I hope) - worth checking out [view..]

If I got £1 for every time someone asked me, "ok so, if the site is completely free, how do YOU make money?!"....I'd be a very rich man. Sadly I don't, so I created an article to explain in more detail how exactly I benefit from providing this free service and keep myself fed [view..]

Smarkets is a betting exchange that anyone Matched Betting should be made aware of. Betfair dominates the exchange market and is the easiest one to start learning using. However, Smarkets should not be ignored and in this article I go into more detail as to why that is [view..]

 This is a very helpful blog post - Casino offers are a very lucrative source of profits for matched bettors. However you don't want to rush into them and it's worth noting that they're not everyone's cup of tea. This helpful post breaks down everything you need to be aware of, regarding casino offers. [view..]

I decided it would be a great idea to start doing fortnightly, informal interviews with members. Thinking it would be good fun, engaging and most importantly I thought it would be a fantastic way to address the concerns of people hesitant to make a start with Matched Betting.

Seeing how other Team Profit members have been getting on has really helped settle the nerves of matched betting newbies just starting out 🙂 [view..]