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**Important Update**

Paddy Power have changed the offer to a '60 Minute' £20 Refund Offer. If the team you bet on is winning after 60 minutes, but does not win by full time, then you get your stake back as a free bet.

To complete this offer, we use Method 1 below, using the team with the closest odds between the bookmaker and the exchange to minimise the odds.

Paddy Power £25 Refund Offer Every Saturday and Sunday!

Paddy Power are running a £25 free bet refund offer on the first televised Premier League match every Saturday and Sunday until 1st October.

Back a team to win, and if they are losing at half time, Paddy Power will refund your bet up to £25 as a free bet!

This is worth approximately £5 profit risk free every Saturday and Sunday.

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  • How To Complete This Offer

There are two methods to complete this offer. Method 1 relies on your team losing at half time. Method 2 guarantees a profit regardless of the outcome, using an OddsMonkey spreadsheet.

Method 1 - Back, Lay and Hope!

Let's use an example that the first televised match on either Saturday or Sunday is Man Utd vs Everton.

Back On Paddy Power, we place a £25 bet on Man Utd or Everton to win. This is our trigger bet.

Lay We then lay that team on Smarkets as normal using the Calculator. Note we use Smarkets because Paddy Power and Betfair merged earlier in 2016, so it is best to lay your Paddy Power bets on Smarkets just to be safe.

This will cost us around £1 as a trigger bet loss due to the difference in odds between Paddy and Smarkets.

Hope We then hope that our team are losing at half time so we receive a £25 free bet!

If you receive the £25 free bet, this will be worth up to £19 profit risk free. Always remember to use high odds with your free bet.

On average you will receive a free bet 1 in 4 times, so this is approximately worth £5 profit.


Method 2 - Back, Lay and Guarantee!

For those with OddsMonkey membership (not yet a member? Read our review), OddsMonkey provide a simple spreadsheet that allows you lock in a profit.

Now we place an one additional small lay bet on the other team to win at half time.

To explain using our example, in addition to our back and lay bet on Everton to win at full time, we place one additional small lay bet on Man Utd to win at half time.

This means even if Everton are drawing or winning at half time (meaning we do not get our £25 free bet from Paddy Power), we will our lay bet on Smarkets to guarantee £5 profit risk free, regardless of the result at half time.

Back On Paddy Power, we place a £25 bet on Man Utd or Everton to win. This is our trigger bet.

Lay We then lay that team on Smarkets as normal using the OddsMonkey spreadsheet (membership required). Using the spreadsheet, we also place an additional lay bet on the other team to win at half time. For example, if we backed Everton to win, we now also lay Man Utd to win at half time.

To find the half time odds, use the Smarkets dropdown menu and select 'Half Time Result':

Half time result smarkets

To use the spreadsheet, simply enter the odds for back and lay Everton, and the Man Utd half time lay odds, as circled in orange:

paddy spreadsheet

Then place your bets, the £25 Paddy Power bet and the two Smarkets lay bets with lay stakes as underlined in orange. In this example, it is lay stake £24.44 on Everton to win and £6.99 on Man Utd to win at half time.

Guarantee You can see your guaranteed profit circled in green. This should be approximately £5 profit guaranteed. It may be less if you have chosen the favourite or the lay odds aren't great (tip - complete this offer close to kick off). In summary:

If Everton are winning or draw at half time, you lose £1.05 from the £25 trigger bet but win £6.85 from your additional lay bet for a guaranteed profit of £5.81.

If Everton are losing at half time, you lose £1.05 from the trigger bet and lose £13.15 from the additional lay bet liability, however you receive your £25 free bet (worth £20 cash) for a guaranteed profit of £5.81.


FAQ: Which team to choose?

The team with the higher odds (in our example, this would be Everton) will be more likely to be losing at half time and so you are more likely to receive the £25 free bet.

However, typically the team with higher odds will have a slightly larger trigger bet loss.

My recommendation would be to mix between choosing the favourite and the underdog. If you always chose the underdog, Paddy Power may think you just trying to take full advantage of the offer. But the underdog will have more value, so that's why I would recommend some games to choose the favourite, other games to choose the underdog.

Any Questions?

Just ask me in our Facebook Group or on Live Help and I will do my best to help!