Outplayed Betfair Integration

You can now place your Betfair lay bets in one click directly, from the Outplayed OddsMatcher!

This is an amazing time saver and very easy to set up.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What Is Betfair Integration?
  • What Are The Benefits?
  • How Do I Link My Outplayed & Betfair Accounts?
  • What Is Two Factor Authentication?
What is the Outplayed Betfair Integration?

The OddsMatcher is perfect for finding close matches between the bookmaker and the exchange.

To speed up placing your Betfair exchange lay bet, you can now do this in one click within the OddsMatcher:

Explainer Video

To watch exactly how this works, check out this video available to Outplayed members (Join For Just £1 Here):

What Are The Benefits?

The main benefits of the Betfair integration are:

  • Huge Time Saver - no need to find and place the lay bets on Betfair Exchange

  • Eliminate Partially Matched Bets - The OddsMatcher will only place complete lay bets

  • Don't Miss Moving Odds - The Oddsmatcher will notify you of any odds movements before placing a lay bet

This feature is part of the amazing package of guides and tools available to Outplayed members!

How do I link my Outplayed & Betfair accounts?

You can watch the video above which shows you exactly how to link your accounts, otherwise read on!

Log in to your Outplayed account and visit the Oddsmatcher.

Once on the page, find any result that uses Betfair as the lay market. Then click the button to the right of the Betfair logo, circled below.

This will open a page where you must now log in to Betfair.

You will then receive a prompt mentioning Outplayed. Click Agree at the bottom.

Congratulations! Your account is now linked and you can now place lay bets using the Outplayed Oddsmatcher!

To do this, simply click the button to the right of the logo again.

This time you'll be presented with a new page which shows the calculated bet as well as your balance in the top right.

To lay a bet, simply click the circled LAY THE BET button!

What Is Two Factor Authentication?

If an evil person were to gain access to your Outplayed password, they could then use your Betfair account balance.

To help prevent this, two factor authentication gives you second way of protecting your Outplayed account.

This is done by requiring you to enter a code when logging into your Outplayed account. This code is sent to your registered email address by Outplayed when you log in.

Therefore, the evil person would then need access to both your Outplayed and email account in order to gain access to your Outplayed account!


To find out exactly how to do this, you will need to visit your My Account area of the Outplayed website. You will then need to follow the 4 easy instructions below.

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