Oddsmonkey Premium Trial

OddsMonkey are the leading matched betting subscription service for 2020, but don't take my word for it!

Try their fantastic matched betting service using our trial offer, OddsMonkey Premium for 10 days for just £1. You really will enjoy checking out their awesome tools, guides and community plus 0% commission on Smarkets until 30th June 2020.

Get Your 10 Day Trial For £1
Steps to receiving this awesome £1 offer:
  1. Click the link above and set up a free Oddsmonkey account
  2. Upgrade to a Premium Member and enter promo code TEAMPROFIT10
  3. Opt in to the Smarkets 0% commission offer, found here
  4. VOILA! You have an awesome 10 day Oddsmonkey subscription for just £1 plus 0% commission when using Smarkets!

Once you are an Oddsmonkey Premium Member, follow the steps in this guide to see exactly how to make the most profit from everything OddsMonkey has to offer you.

10 Day Trial Explained

The OddsMonkey 10 day trial is a very straightforward offer.

Sign up as an OddsMonkey Free Member then upgrade to a Premium Member using promo code TEAMPROFIT10. You will then receive full access for 10 days for just £1.

I am sure like over 10,000 fellow matched betters you will find OddsMonkey very beneficial for your matched betting profits!

Get Your 10 Day Trial For £1

Once you have set up your OddsMonkey Premium account, you are now ready to start making a big profit!

After your 10 days has finished, you can either end your subscription or continue at £17.99 per monthly subscription.

Let's go through each of the awesome tools you should be checking out in your first 10 days.

1) Browse Community Forum And Say Hello

The OddsMonkey Community is a treasure chest of brilliant tips, advice and offers.

It also caters for all matched betters, where you are a complete beginner (check out the Beginner's Academy forum) or a matched betting veteran (check out the Existing Customer Offers forum):

Also say hello to the OddsMonkey team and members in the Introduction thread:

2) Try Out The OddsMatcher

The OddsMonkey OddsMatcher truly is the best matched betting tool!

You can use the OddsMatcher for all your offers to find the closest trigger and free bets, here are some of the main benefits:

  • Trigger Bets - Instantly find the trigger bet with the smallest loss
  • Free Bets - Instantly find the free bet based on the odds you want
  • Saves Time - Links directly to the exchange market
  • Filter - Allows you to select the bookmaker, exchange, sport, date range, odds and more!
  • Search - Type any fixture or league, great for daily offers
  • Mobile responsive
OddsMatcher Video Review
3) 50+ Sports Welcome Offers

Right let's make your first profit!

Head to the Welcome Offers List:

and choose one of the simple Bet X Get Y offers that you haven't yet done.

Follow the guide and bank the profit - simple!

4) Existing Customer Offers

There are two excellent sections for existing customer offers.

Firstly, check out the Daily Offers Calendar and sort by 'Profit (highest first)', this will show you the most profitable offers available today:

Plus check out the Latest Offers Forum for discussion and tips on every offer!

There's 13 More Ways To Profit

If those 4 profit opportunities weren't enough for you in your first 10 days, then head to the OddsMonkey Checklist guide that includes 17 ways to maximise your profit from matched betting.

Hope that helps you to enjoy your first 10 days with OddsMonkey and if you haven't yet, get your £1 trial for 10 days!

Get Your 10 Day Trial For £1
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