OddsMonkey Time Saving Tips

When completing existing customer offers, the faster we can complete them, the better!

In this article, you will learn a lot of the time saving tips that experienced matched betters and I use every day when using the OddsMonkey service.

I really hope these tips will help you make more money...in less time!

ps. if you haven't yet seen the OddsMonkey Checklist guide, please take a look at this too!

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Top Tip #1 - Notification For Every New Offer!

Top Tip #1 will help you to know as soon as a new existing customer offer has been published in the OddsMonkey forum. This helps to ensure you will know about every existing customer offer available!

The OddsMonkey 'Latest Offers (OFFICIAL)' forum is excellent for discussion of every new offer posted. I find it very helpful to have an instant notification for each new offer that is posted to make sure I am aware of every offer. I can then either decide to complete it immediately or make a note to complete it later.

To receive instant notifications, simply head to the Latest Offers (OFFICIAL) forum and then click 'Not Subscribed' and replace this with 'Subscribed to Topics' as shown below:

When on your laptop/computer, you will then receive a notification on the bottom right of your laptop as well as in the forum itself:

You can also set up notifications to your mobile too, simply use the PushBullet app to do this. This is explained in the mobile notification OddsMonkey thread.

Top Tip #2 - Weekly Free Bet Clubs

Top Tip #2 will help you to find and place your Weekly Club trigger and free bets in under 3 minutes! All you need to do is to set up two simple OddsMonkey filters initially which you can then use every week.

With the Skybet and Coral Clubs, you are placing a £25 trigger bet to receive a £5 free bet in return. The key is to minimise our £25 trigger bet loss and maximise our £5 free bet profit.

To do this, you set up 2 simple filters, one for the £25 trigger bet and one for the £5 free bet. This will make it very fast each week to find the teams to bet on!

How To Set Up Your £25 Trigger Bet Filter

Open the Odds Matcher and set up filter for your £25 trigger bet:

  1. Click Filter on the top
  2. Limite Markets: 'Match Odds' as the market
  3. Limit Bookmakers: Skybet
  4. Limit Exchanges: the exchange(s) you use
  5. Match Rating: 95% min
  6. Back Odds: 2.0 min (as per the weekly club terms)
  7. Min Liquidity: £25
  8. Date range: set this based on when you usually do the offer
  9. Save As: SkyBet Free Bet Club

Each Week Simply Select Your Trigger Bet Filter!

Click on the top left dropdown menu and select the Weekly Club you have set up:

This will then show you the list of the games based on the above criteria. As you have set 95%, the most you will lose is 5% * £25 = £1.25 maximum trigger bet loss! For example:

From these 5 games listed above, I would avoid the first two games as they are for lower English league teams. So I would choose either the Draw for Besiktas vs Lyon or Norwich to beat Brighton.

To place your bets, you can directly open the market by clicking on the arrow to the right of the bookmaker logo.

Now on to the £5 free bet!

How To Set Up Your £5 Free Bet Filter

Firstly you want to add SNR % to the Odds Matcher. This means we can see the SNR % for all the games and select this in the filter too. To do this:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Check the box for Show [Stake Not Returned %] column
  3. Click Save

You may need to then Refresh the Odds Matcher by simply clicking the Refresh button on the top right. Then click Filter and this time set up the below filter:

1 to 4 are the same as the trigger bet filter (click filter, markets, bookmaker, exchanges), now we enter:

5. Match Rating: 80% min
6. SNR Rating: 70% min
7. Back Odds: 1.0 min 10.0 max odds (I find anything above 10.0 to be on a minor league!)
8. Min Liquidity: 5
9. Time: 7 days
10. Save As: SkyBet Free Bet Club FB

Each Week Simply Select Your Free Bet Filter!

This filter will now show a list of games that will convert our £5 free bet to a minimum 70% which is a minimum £3.50 profit risk free. For example:

From this list of teams, I would choose the draw between Man Utd vs Anderlecht. It is a high profile match and it is 77% SNR, so my £5 free bet will convert to £3.85 profit risk free!

Note if you are interested in making 80%+ SNR, I recommend this article about placing free bets on doubles.

BetWay and Mr Green Weekly Clubs

Please take a look at the Betway Free Bet Club guide for how to place your Betway and Mr Green treble using the OddsMonkey Acca Matcher.

Top Tip #3 - Price Boosts

Top Tip #3 will help you to be notified exactly when bookmakers have announced price boosts that will make you  instant profit risk free! All you need to do is subscribe to one thread.

Price Boosts (in effect, Odds Boosts) are a very simple way to profit risk free. Bookmakers provide increased odds on major football games to encourage customers to bet with them. For example, Man Utd to win Arsenal may be boosted from 3.0 to 4.0 with a £20 max stake.

If the lay odds are 3.4 on Smarkets, then we make a £3.19 profit risk free:


Price boosts may only be available on the bookmaker site for 5 - 15 minutes and so it's important to place your bet as soon as a bookmaker offers a price boost.

OddsMonkey Price Boost Thread

OddsMonkey have an excellent Price Boost thread where members post when a bookmaker price boost is announced:

OddsMonkey Price Boost No Chat Thread
OddsMonkey Price Boost Chat Thread

The No Chat thread is exclusively for when members post price boosts. The Chat thread is for questions members may have about price boosts.

I highly recommend subcribing to the No Chat thread. To do this:

Just click 'Not Watching' and it will then show as 'Watching' on the bottom right of the first post and you will then receive a notification popup anytime you are logged into the forum!

Betfred, Will Hill, Paddy, Coral, SkyBet and Betsafe are the bookmakers I most regularly see in the price boost thread, enjoy the profit risk free!

Top Tip #4 - Football Refunds Notifications

Top Tip #4 will help you to be notified exactly when the odds are the closest for football refunds! This helps you to keep your trigger bet losses to a minimum. All you need to do is subscribe to one thread.

Football refunds are explained in this article. In summary, you are backing and lay a team and hoping a certain event happens. If this event happens, you get a free bet or extra cash pay out.

At the time of writing, these are listed in the Weekly Offers spreadsheet:

The most valuable thread I find is the Close Odds No Chat Thread, where members post when there are very close odds for these Refund offers. For example:

By subscribing to this Close Odds No Chat Thread (by replacing 'Not Watching' to 'Watching' in the first post as shown in Tip #2) , as soon as there is a close match on one of the refund offers, you can very quickly get on the refund offer with a minimal trigger bet loss!

I also recommend subscribing to the following threads discussing these offers as these will help you to become familiar with the offers:

Lots of experienced OddsMonkey members post in these threads with their thoughts on the offers running each day!

Top Tip #5 - Football Refunds Email Alerts

In addition to subscribing to the threads above, you can set up Odds Matcher Email Alerts. This means you are instantly emailed when the filter criteria you have set (e.g. rating of 98% or higher) have been met! This is ideal for certain football refunds such as Paddy 2Up.

I really like the Odds Matcher email alerts for certain football refunds where there is quite simple set criteria.

Note since initially writing the below tip, OddsMonkey have added a dedicated 2up email alert that you can read about in the 2Up guide. Still do read the below tip though as it is suitable for other refund offers!

Using the Paddy Power 2 Up refund which is available on the Premier League and La Liga, I can set up a simple Odds Matcher filter (see Tip #2 if you are new to filters) for the Premier League:

Here I have set up my filter to have Match Odds, Paddy Power, 98%+ rating on the English Premier League. Note I have Save As this filter as 'Paddy Power Premier League 2up' so anytime I may need to check it or amend it I easily can!

Note for the Paddy Power 2up refund, I have set up my filter just for Smarkets (as Betfair and Paddy Power) are the same company, however for all other refunds I chose Betfair and Smarkets in the filter as shown above.

The Odds Matcher will then show any current matches that have a 98% rating, at the moment this is Chelsea to beat Southampton with a 98% rating:

I can then click on Alerts and set up an email alert for this offer.

This emails every time a new Premier League team has a 98% or higher rating on Paddy Power, I will immediately receive an email!

A couple of notes for using these alerts:

i) The email alert will notify you of draws with 98%+ rating, which in the example of Paddy Power 2Up isn't relevant (as we need either team to go 2 goals up) so just ignore this!

ii) The email alerts aren't ideal for every type of Football Refund. For example, William Hill 4 Means More have different teams each day, so you would need to have a filter set up for each team name. You can have a maximum of 6 alerts, so you may wish to have 2 alerts for 2 different filters (each with the team name of the next couple of 4 Means More games coming up).

0% Smarkets Commission with Oddsmonkey!

Try 10 days Oddsmonkey Premium for just £1 PLUS unlock 0% commission on Smarkets until 30th June 2020

0% Smarkets Commission with Oddsmonkey!

Try 7 days Oddsmonkey Premium for just £1 PLUS unlock 0% commission on Smarkets until 30th June 2020

Get 10 Days of Oddsmonkey Premium
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