Oddsmonkey Review

To enable you to get the very best from 'existing customer offers' we have partnered with the industry leading matched betting specialist, oddsmonkey.com

Oddsmonkey, for a limited time only, is just £15 per month, with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

I have written this Oddsmonkey review to lay out exactly what it is you get with their premium subscription and how this all compares to other matched betting subscription site options, I hope you find it helpful.

Moving From Team Profit to Oddsmonkey

As you already know, we at Team Profit provide you with everything you need to know about matched betting completely free, through our extensive and thorough video guides and articles. Oddsmonkey then make the transition to 'existing customer' offers and beyond truly seamless. If you've loved your time with Team Profit, we strongly encourage our users to spread their wings and give Oddsmonkey a go (30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked).

Oddsmonkey has been the biggest and best matched betting aid for over 5 years. Boasting over 25,000 users at any one time, it really is the only destination to go to if you want to increase your matched betting profits. It helps you maximise profits, in the shortest time possible and as simply as possible.

Average Oddsmonkey Profits

Oddsmonkey is the service you need if you want to take your earnings well beyond just the welcome offers. To help outline the kind of profits you can expect with the Oddsmonkey premium subscription, below is an infographic illustrating how much Oddsmonkey customers made on average in 2016:

Oddsmonkey Features

Next I explore which tools and services are included in their £15 a month premium subscription. Tools that allow you to earn the kinds of additional profits seen in the infographic above.

Find Your Matched Bets Instantly

The OddsMatcher

Some daily offers require us to bet on specific sports or sporting events. This means it's not always easy to find a suitable matched bet, that doesn't cost us too much. The Oddsmatcher tool helps us by displaying the very best matches across the bookmaker and exchange, which saves you time and maximises your profits.

Oddsmonkey's Oddsmatcher software has been developed over the past 5 years and over 25,000 matched bettors currently us it. It's a very powerful and yet simple to use tool, which is why it's the most used tool in the matched betting community [read the full Team Profit Oddsmatcher Review]

Find the Offers Instantly

Daily Offer Calendar

These offers are sporadic and not always easy to find. The time it takes to find the offers and ultimately find a good match will often mean they’re not good value for money. However, Oddsmonkey do all the leg-work for you by providing a really simple and easy to navigate ‘daily offer calendar’, each with a guaranteed profit breakdown. We’d advise you check this section each day for all the very best free bets to turn into cash.

Profit From Accumulator Refund Offers

The Acca Matcher

The Acca Matcher scans all eligible football games as per the bookmaker offer's terms and conditions and then compiles the most profitable selection of bets to put into your accumulator.

When using this Oddsmonkey tool you can make yourself up to £10 per accumulator offer. And with 15 offers available each week, this tool saves you time whilst increasing profits! [read the full Team Profit Acca Matcher review]

Save Valuable Horse Racing Time

The Racing Matcher

Racing matcher

When you're doing as many as 20 horse racing refunds a day, it's important to save as much time as possible, as well as, keep trigger bet losses to a minimum with every race you do.

By focusing your search to your own pre-set filters, the Racing Matcher makes finding horse racing refunds quicker, easier and more profitable. Much like the Oddsmatcher tool, the Racing Matcher is a great way to reduce your trigger bet losses by finding the best available matches instantly.

Oddsmonkey Community

Real-Time Advice and Success Stories

The Oddsmonkey Community

A well-rounded matched betting community is invaluable and can be the difference between making £250/month and making over £1000/month. Oddsmonkey has a helpful and enjoyable community, allowing you to benefit from the following:

  • Real-time offer sharing.
  • Success stories and motivation.
  • Shared hints and tips.
  • 24 hour support from Oddsmonkey members and staff.
The Big Question

I started my matched betting journey nearly 3 years ago. I started off by using the very well known, Profit Accumulator. Around 9 months go I decided to take advantage of the '30 day money back guarantee' that Oddsmonkey offer, to see what all the hype was about. The hype ended up to be very justified and I've not thought about moving back to profit accumulator since.

I would love to summarise and put forward a balanced Profit Accumulator vs Oddsmonkey argument, providing the pros and cons of both. But I'm finding it really difficult to argue why you would choose Profit Accumulator instead of Oddsmonkey. My reasons are below:

  • Oddsmonkey is the cheaper of the two monthly fees (£15 vs £17)

  • Oddsmonkey has the same software (and more) as Profit Accumulator

  • Oddsmonkey software is included the monthly cost (Profit Accumulator charges an additional £15.99/month for its software)

  • Similar to Team Profit, Oddsmonkey provides 1 on 1 training sessions, Profit Accumulator does not.

  • They both provide fantastic matched betting forums of similar size (however, Oddsmonkey's is growing whilst Profit Accumulator's is shrinking).

Profit accumulator were once the biggest and best matched betting site available and were the only choice. I feel that that could be their biggest downfall.

When once they could get away with charging a premium monthly rate, on top of an additional fee for their 'premium tools', they no longer can. And it's no surprise Oddsmonkey have took advantage of Profit Accumulator's sluggishness to improve and have fast become the go to matched betting site.

Price For Life Guarantee

Oddsmonkey are an incredibly principled company, they stick to their word and reward loyalty. A way in which they reward existing customers is that they promise never to hike up the monthly subscription costs for them, even if they increase it for new customers.

So if you sign up today at the monthly cost of £15 and next week they increase the monthly subscription fee to £17, you will continue paying the lower amount of £15. An increase of price is something they are more than warranted to do at any point given the quality of service they provide - so I'd advise getting the price lock in as soon as you're able to.

Oddsmonkey money back guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm very confident that if you're wanting to take your matched betting to the next level then Oddsmonkey will be the perfect place for you to achieve this. But you don't have to take my word for it.

If you're not completely happy with the Oddsmonkey service, you can get your money back at any point within the first 30 days of becoming a premium member. For more details on the guarantee, see here.

Review Summary




An unbiased Team Profit review of OddsMonkey premium membership.
OddsMonkey Premium Membership
Written by: Team Profit Jon
Date Published: 17/02/2017
OddsMonkey is an incredibly useful matched betting site that gives you training and tools to help you learn matched betting and maximise profits!
9 / 10 stars