OddsMonkey Checklist

How To Make The Most Of Your Awesome OddsMonkey Subscription

A lot of Team Profit members sign up to OddsMonkey to make matched betting quicker and even more profitable.

When you first log into OddsMonkey, it can be a bit like when you first touch down at the airport, at the start your summer holiday. It looks great, you're all excited, but where to start? (besides apologising to my wife for forgetting to fill out the visa application form).

To help you get started with OddsMonkey and making the most out of your Premium account, I have written the below checklist - I hope you find it helpful!

0) 10 day trial of Oddsmonkey Premium

We at Team Profit have partnered with Oddsmonkey to provide an exclusive (and massive) 10 day trial of Oddsmonkey premium, for just £1! Click below to get started:

10 days of Oddsmonkey Premium
1) Who Are The Friendly Faces At OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey are a team of 24, a mix of people working in their Durham office and those working remotely from home. I went up to their office last summer for a couple of days and it's a fantastic atmosphere; with everyone working diligently on their shared passion, well, except for the odd computer screen with tough Fantasy Football decisions on a Friday afternoon.

The main people you'll see in the OddsMonkey Community forum are:

  • Paul and Peter - the founders of OddsMonkey and often make announcements in the General forum for new tool launches to help you.
  • SuzyBeth, Cristiaan, Russell and Artesa - they must have 20+ years combined matched betting experience and post lots of helpful replies, advice and tips. You'll often see them in Existing Customer offers forum and the Beginner's forums.
  • Ben, James, Steve, Ricky, Ryan - between them they have broken the record for not failing to spot an existing customer offer for over 185 days. These guys are really helpful; with posting every offer from every bookmaker in the Latest Offers forum and including all the handy links and tips.

The rest of the team are all working behind the scenes on the development of the tools, providing support, sending newsletters and much much more!

2) Set Up Your OddsMatcher

The OddsMonkey OddsMatcher truly is the best matched betting tool.

It helps you to identify the closest odds between every bookmaker and every exchange. This means you can keep your trigger bet losses to a minimum and your free bet profit to a maximum.

Whether you're completing early Welcome Offers or a matched better with 2+ years experience, the OddsMatcher will be very helpful for you.

  • Head to the Team Profit OddsMatcher guide to watch the video review and read the top tips.

  • Add the free bet column in the OddsMatcher - click on Settings, check 'Show [Stake not returned %] column' then click Save.

3) Linking Your Betfair Account

If you're still relatively new to matched betting, you may wish to skip this for now, just whilst you're getting familiar with matched betting.

If you're comfortable with the matched betting process, then definitely link your Betfair account with your OddsMonkey account. This is a big time saver as you can place Betfair lay bets directly from the OddsMatcher platform - brilliant!

Simply read the Team Profit Betfair integration guide and then complete the simple steps, as outlined in the integration guide.

4) Profit From 25 Extra Sports Welcome Offers

There are 30 sports welcome offers listed on the Team Profit website, however there are an extra 25 sports welcome offers on OddsMonkey!

Once you have finished the 35 offers listed on Team Profit, work your way down the OddsMonkey Welcome Offers list and complete all the offers for £200+ profit risk free.

Please note some of these offers are longer wagering or multi bet offers so will be less profitable on an hourly basis. It's up to you whether you decide to go for each one, though if you have any questions on any of the offers please do post in the Facebook Group, cheers!

5) Profit From Bingo Welcome Offers

Bingo welcome offers are a great way to make extra profit. I'd definitely recommend working through the Bingo offers as many members report making a £100+ profit from just a handful of offers.

They are not risk free, but still low risk and overall you will likely make a £100 to £200 profit from these offers.

6) Profit From Casino Welcome Offers

Casino welcome offers are another very good way to add another £100+ profit to your bankroll. Casino offers range from simple 'no deposit free spins' offers to 'deposit bonuses'.

I would definitely recommend starting with the no deposit free spins offers whilst you learn the ropes on casino offers - this means you can learn completely risk free and hopefully make some profit too!

Moving From Welcome Offers To Weekly Offers

Big congratulations you have now completed every possible Welcome Offer!

You can use your OddsMonkey account to profit risk free from the Weekly Offers (existing customer offers) too, let's crack on!

7) Profit Tracker At The Ready!

Firstly to mention you can track your Weekly Offers profit using the OddsMonkey Profit Tracker.

You can then review your monthly profit and profit by offer type, very handy, definitely check it out and decide if you would like to use it, I recommend doing so!

For your Welcome Offers, I would recommend using the Team Profit spreadsheet as this tracks all your bookmaker & exchange balances too plus shows every offer, one by one.

8) Weekly Offer Strategy

In the Weekly Offers section of the Team Profit website, I have put the Weekly Offers into 7 categories:

  1. Weekly Clubs
  2. Risk Free
  3. Refunds
  4. Football Accumulators
  5. Racing Refunds
  6. Casino
  7. Arbing

Your OddsMonkey account will be very helpful for all 7 of these type of offers!

Before starting these offers, I recommend reading up on the best approach as shown the in the checklist below.

9) Profit From Weekly Clubs

Weekly Clubs are one of the easiest ways to profit risk free every week!

You can see a breakdown of the Weekly Clubs I often complete in the Team Profit Weekly Clubs guide.

To help you complete the clubs as quickly as possible, you can set up a filter in the OddsMatcher for the SkyBet, Coral, Paddy and Betsafe free bet clubs as these all require just placing normal trigger bets. A filter set up for each free bet clubs means you can instantly see the closest odds for your trigger bets every week!

You can also use the Acca Finder for the accumulator free bet clubs, the Acca Finder includes a pre-set filter for each accumulator free bet club, making these offers quicker to do.

  • Set up your filters in the OddsMatcher for each of the easy free bet clubs, such as Coral, SkyBet, Paddy Power and Betsafe. See Tip #2 for details.

  • Use the Acca Finder preset dropdowns to help you complete the acca clubs quicker.

10) Profit From Risk Free Offers

Risk Free Offers (e.g. Bet £10 Get £10, £10 Refunds, Price Boosts and more) are always running on the weekend football and mid-week football too, especially when there is mid-week Champions League or Europa League.

You can find some of the profitable risk free offers in the Team Profit Weekend Offers and Champions League Offers blog posts. However, to get every bookmaker risk free offer, you should definitely subscribe to the Latest Offers Forum - this means you get a notification of every new offer!

I also recommend setting the Daily Offers Calendar to Sort by 'Profit (highest first)' to ensure you also take up the most profitable offers.

11) Profit From Football Refunds

Football Refunds offers are not guaranteed profit risk free offers, however they are profitable in the long term by choosing teams with close odds.

The main football refund offers, in my preference order, are:

  • Bet365 and Paddy Power 2Up - All Premier League, La Liga and Champions League
  • Ladbrokes double winnings for 3+ goals Goal Power - 1 selected game/week
  • Coral double winnings for winning both halves Win Win Get In - 1 selected game/week
  • William Hill 15% winnings boost for 4+ goals 4 Means More - televised Premier League
  • Boylesports double winnings for Crossbar Double Winnings - 1 selected game/week
  • Genting free bets or free spins per goal Score More Win More - 1 selected game/week

I recommend learning these offers one by one by reading the OddsMonkey threads. These offers are usually available every weekend plus midweek Champions League football.

The OddsMatcher is ideal for finding the close odds, plus you can set up email alerts and a notification for a close odds thread.

  • Read up on the Bet365 and Paddy Power 2 Up offers in the OddsMonkey Bet365 2Up thread and Paddy Power 2Up thread.

    Then try out entering 2Up into the OddsMatcher search box to see the closest odds.

  • Read up on the other refund offers:

    Always use the OddsMatcher to find the closest odds which is key for refund offers!

  • Set up a notification for the close odds thread, see Tip #4 for details.

  • Save filters in the OddsMatcher for the football refunds you do and then set email alerts, see Tip #5 for details.

12) Profit From Football Accumulators

Football Accumulator Refund offers can come across a bit daunting but they really are not!

It will take around 60 minutes to read through the various guides on the Team Profit website, then you'll be all systems go to use the OddsMonkey Acca Finder (for lay sequential methods) or Acca Builder (for lay all at start and no lay).

So make yourself a nice cuppa, get the digestive biscuits ready to dunk, and start reading through the Introduction to Accumulators 2019-20 guide.

13) Profit From Racing Offers

Horse racing offers are particularly good on Saturdays with the televised ITV racing. It is very helpful to know the basics too so you can take full advantage when the big racing festivals come on, such as Cheltenham (March), Grand National (April) and Ascot (June).

There are two types of racing offers:

  • Racing refunds e.g. free bet if your horse comes 2nd
  • Extra place offers e.g. payout if your horse top 4, rather than just top 3.

Start by reading the Team Profit guides and then become familiar with the tools!

14) Profit From Casino Offers

Casino offers are a popular way among experienced matched betters to boost their monthly profits. The reason is there are quite a lot of casino offers available so the profits can easily add up to £100+ each month.

The only downside with Casino offers is they are not risk free so only complete an offer if you're comfortable with the potential loss. There are some very low risk offers which I would recommend starting with.

15) Profit From A Gubbed Account

Receiving the 'Account Information' gubbing email is never fun, but it's all part of being a matched better!

You can still profit from bookmakers after being gubbed as explained in the OddsMonkey community.

16) Extras Tools & Tips

Below are a list of extra tools and tips you may find handy, hope you enjoy them, especially the free stickers!

  • The Profiting Today thread is an interesting thread to see which offers an experienced matched better is focusing on each day.

  • Get your free OddsMonkey stickers - it won't make you any profit but it could be a great opener with the ladies/gentlemen in the coffee shop "hey I see you also use OddsMonkey....fancy sharing this croissant with me?"

  • Been gubbed? Rant away in the gubbed thread!

  • There are 4 tennis majors every year - Australian (late Jan), French (early June), Wimbledon (early July) and US Open (early Sept). You can profit from this using the Tennis Matcher, just check out the TP guide first.

17) OddsMonkey Support

There are 3 ways to reach out to OddsMonkey should you have any questions anytime.

Combining this with the Team Profit Facebook Group you'll be in excellent shape to smash the bookmakers!

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0% Smarkets Commission with Oddsmonkey!

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