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A Hugely Helpful Tool For Completing Accumulator Refund Offers

Until late 2016, I had to search through the bookmaker websites to find the low odds teams and then manually enter them into a spreadsheet in order to complete an accumulator offer. It was slow and quite laborious!

This has all changed thanks to the awesome OddsMonkey Acca Matcher.

The OddsMonkey Acca Matcher automatically:

  • Low & Close Odds - List the teams with low odds and close odds
  • Pre-Selection - Pre-selects 5 or 6 teams for your acca (though you easily replace teams)
  • Expected Profit - Shows the expected profit for your acca
  • Acca Tracking - Save acca feature allowing you to track your acca
  • All 4 Lay Methods - Works for No Lay, Lay All At Start and both Lay Sequential methods.

If you don't yet have an OddsMonkey Premium account, it is only £17.99/month with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you don't find it helpful it will not cost you a penny! Set up your OddsMonkey account or alternatively read our OddsMonkey review for more details.

How The Acca Matcher Works

To help demonstrate how it works, I have recorded a 12 minute video using the 'Lay All At Start' method. Beneath the video, I have included specific advice on using the Acca Matcher for the other methods.

Additional Top Tip - Switching In & Out Teams

In the video, you can see how to switch teams in & out of your accumulator. However, it's not covered in full detail, so I wanted to add this comment!

The Acca Matcher will take 5 teams based on the minimum and maximum odds that are pre-selected (or that you have amended) in the top part of the Acca Matcher.

However, whilst these teams will have close back & lay odds, they won't be the lowest odds teams, which as you learnt in 'Football Accumulator Refunds Explained' is key to making up to £6 profit.

The reason OddsMonkey does not provide you with the 5 lowest odds teams is that the bookmaker may pick up that you are only betting on the lowest odds teams. What I do though is to switch out the highest odds team with a lower odds team, just to give my accumulator a bit of extra profit than the pre-selected acca.

For example here is a pre-selected £25 accumulator using Lay All At Start method:

acca matcher

In this accumulator, which as an expected value of £4.08 and a maximum loss of £12.95, Villarreal have the highest back odds (1.36) and the lay odds aren't close (1.43),.

So using the bottom half of the Acca Matcher, I switch out this game and put in Real Madrid vs Sociedad (back 1.25, lay 1.29):

oddsmonkey acca matcher

By switching one team to a lower odds team with closer back & lay odds, my expected profit has increased to £4.76 whilst the maximum loss has decreased to £9.72 - excellent!

Note this is trickier to do with Lay Sequential and Lay Sequential Lock In, as you need to ensure there are no games overlapping (however, if this is the case the Acca Matcher will put a red caution next to the game).

Acca Matcher - No Lay Method

This is very straightforward, 5 teams will be pre-selected and you can see your expected value and outcomes on the top right of the Acca Matcher:

acca matcher no lay

As mentioned above, switch 1 or 2 teams in & out as you wish to increase the expected value/profit a little!

Acca Matcher - Lay Sequential Method

This is also straightforward! You can see the lay stake amounts in the lay stake column, exactly the same as in the video:

acca matcher lay sequentially

The lay stake increases with each game, just remember as soon as 1 team loses that you don't need to continue with the remaining lay bets. Just hope the remaining teams win and you'll receive your free bet!

You can see the trigger bet loss and the net profit should you receive a free bet in the top right corner:

acca matcher lay seq payout

So in this example, the trigger bet loss is £3.81, whilst if one team loses then I will receive a £25 free bet worth £20 cash (giving a net profit of £16.19, being £20 - £3.81).

As mentioned above, switch 1 or 2 teams in & out as you wish to increase the expected value/profit a little!

Acca Matcher - Lay Sequential Lock In Method

This is easy to do but does require an additional step not covered in the video.

Once you have set up your Acca, you need to click 'Save':

acca matcher buttons

After your first match has finished, click 'My Accas' and then enter the result simply by clicking on won or lost:

The reason you need to do this is, as explained in the Lay Sequential Lock In guide, once 1 team has lost, you significantly reduce your lay stake.

The Oddsmonkey Acca Matcher automatically calculates this for you, it just needs you to enter whether your match won or lost (a quick google will tell you the result, or if not then Flash Scores mobile app or website, or check on the bookmaker website).

Using the screenshot example above, if Barcelona drew or lost (i.e. your bookmaker bet lost), then by clicking Lost, the lay stake is now only £6.56:

aberdeen lay

Where if Barcelona won, then your lay stake increases to £27.49:

aberdeen lay 2

Remember, once 2 teams have lost, you stop laying the remainder of the accumulator, as explained in the Lay Sequential Lock In guide.

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Joining OddsMonkey is a hugely beneficial if you're looking to make more money and save time matched betting.

It costs just £17.99 per month and if you're not enjoying it within your first 30 days, you can get a full refund no questions asked!

Not sure yet? Read our full OddsMonkey review here.

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