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Welcome to your very own, personalised matched betting plan! Thank you for completing our quiz, using your results we have split your plan into three main sections: Starting Amount, How to Start and Features. You can revisit your plan anytime by going to your "My Account" page 😊

Starting Amount will give you a taste of your plan for your starting amount and give an idea of how much you can make in the next month or two!

How to Start will show you how to get started based on what you told us would be helpful.

Features will show you a few things that are guaranteed to help you smash the bookies!

 Starting With £25

So you want to start matched betting with a budget of £25? No problem!. We’ll now show you what the start of this plan would entail.

Week 1: In the first week you’ll be making £35 profit through the Coral, Skybet and William Hill offers with no more than an hour to complete each offer across the week.

Week 2: This week we’ll be making £76 by completing the 888sport, Betfred, Betstars and Smarkets offers, using the money we made last week we can do more offers each week!

And so on... until Week 12 when we hit £1000 profit in 3 months!

Here's a graph showing profits from week 1-9.

View the full guide on how to start with £25 below!

Start With £25!

One-to-One Session

You may have a few questions or need some help when learning matched betting - I know I certainly did!

To help you with your questions,  you should definitely enjoy a Newbie One To One with the super helpful Team Profit Buschra.

You can ask Buschra your matched betting questions, there are no silly questions you can literally ask everything you're not sure about.

To sign up for a one to one by clicking the button below!

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Here are a few other ways to get started on your matched betting journey!

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Hopefully one of these can get you off and running, if not then why not head over to the Facebook group here to post a question and see if one of our 30,000 members can be of help!

Team Profit Youtube Channel:

The best way to learn is to see, here and read all at the same time. That’s why our very own matched betting geru, Tom, uploads guides and walkthroughs to our youtube channel regularly to keep you guys informed and updated on all things matched betting! Check out Tom’s magnificent beard through the button below!

Team Profit Channel
The Daily Profit:

Everyday at 12pm, we share our tips for making profit in under an hour on our Team Profit Blog. Filled with everything from free spins to risk free bets, it’s a surefire way to make a quick buck and it saves you having to scour the interwebs for offers!

The Daily Profit
Matched Betting Bank Account:

Mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea! That's why we strongly recommend setting up a separate bank for all your Matched Betting transactions. You get £5 just for signing up with our link and you can feel all organised with your new Matched Betting bank! 🏦

Matched Betting Bank

Well done for making it this far! We hope you found this plan helpful and as always, you can email, message or live chat us if you have any questions!