No Risk Matched Betting.

One of the most common questions I hear from people who are considering no risk matched betting is:

"Can I lose money matched betting?"

If you are wondering this too, then this article explains whether you can lose money, how exactly matched betting is risk free and the help available to you every day

Can I Lose Money?

I speak with over 50 matched betters every week on Live Help and there are over 30,000 matched betters in the free Team Profit Facebook Group.

I can honestly say not a single person I have spoken with stopped matched betting because they lost money.

Have people (including me!) made the occasional mistake? For sure, we are all humans and occasionally we may not enter the right number into the calculator.

But for every 1 or 2 mistakes you may make, you will complete 25+ profitable welcome offers worth £500+. I have tried to compile a list of ways you could possibly lose any money matched betting and have written my top tips for ensuring this doesn't happen, please check it out here.

starting with guide rocketPlus you can start no risk matched betting from just £10, so this is the only deposit you will ever need to make out of your own funds. The money you use going forward to complete Welcome Offers is therefore purely the profit you've already made. So not to worry if you do make a small mistake, it just coming out of the big profit you have already made.

Over 25,000 in the UK have made a profit from no risk matched betting and with Team Profit's free help I am sure you will too!

How Exactly Is It Risk-Free?

The most common assumption is that matched betting is gambling because it involves betting. It is a fair assumption to make given the name, but in practice you are never gambling when matched betting.

The difference between betting, which is gambling, and 'matched betting' is that we are always matching our bookmaker bet with an opposite bet on the betting exchange.

This means your two bets will cancel each other out. The reason you do this is because, having now placed your first bookmaker bet, the bookmaker then gives you a generous free bet, which is where your profit comes from.

For example, one of your first bookmaker offers is Coral's Bet £5 Get £20. You place a £5 bet on Coral on, for example, Man Utd to win and a £5 bet on Betfair Exchange on Man Utd not to win:

no risk matched betting

These two bets cancel each other out, so this bet is completely risk free. But you will now receive the £20 free bet from Coral, which is how you make your tidy profit!

Please watch this short 2 minute video that explains the no risk matched betting process in more detail:

How Will Team Profit Help Me?

Here at Team Profit, everything is completely free for you to use.

The Video Guides will help you to learn no risk matched betting whilst the step by step Welcome Offer guides will help you make your first £600 profit risk free.

If you have any questions anytime or you wish to double check that you are completing your first few Welcome Offers correctly, then please do ask for help. Details of how you can get in touch are below.

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